IEEE Standards Association Membership

Individual Membership and Projects IconIndividual Membership & Projects

Individual Membership is designed for individuals and independent professionals interested in participating in standards development with the IEEE SA. While membership is not required for participation, membership allows participants to ballot on standards and assume leadership roles in standards working groups.

Individual projects follow a set path from concept to completion, which adheres to the principles of due process, openness and consensus building. These principles allow for equity and fair play, so that no one dominates the process. Individual participants act based on their qualifications and experience, and cannot represent or act on behalf of an entity.

Explore Standards in Development


  • Engage in an unlimited number of Individual Projects
  • Ballot on unlimited number of Individual Projects
  • Initiate new Individual Projects
  • Assume leadership positions on working groups
  • Participate in IEEE SA Board of Governors & Elections
  • Monthly IEEE SA Newswire
  • Discounts on the purchase of IEEE standards
  • New - access to the digital version of IEEE Electrification Magazine
Current IEEE Member US $57
Current IEEE Society Member US $57
IEEE SA Only Membership US $256
Current IEEE Member In Developing Nation (PDF)
US $26
Current IEEE Society Member In Developing Nation
US $26
IEEE SA Only Membership In Developing Nation US $99
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Membership - Corporate Corporate Membership & Projects

Corporate Membership is recommended for companies in which standards play a pivotal role in research, product development and marketing. Corporate participants enjoy networking and exposure across a broad cross-section of industry thought leaders and standards participants.

The Corporate Program allows companies to engage and influence technology development to ensure their business interests are heard and represented. Ensuring a uniform playing field among standards collaborators, all corporate standards are balloted using a “one-company, one-vote” principle.


Basic members receive:

  • Unlimited corporate working group attendance as observers
  • Unlimited Standards Association balloting of corporate projects
  • Tiered number of complimentary IEEE SA individual memberships
  • Participation in and nomination of employees for IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) and Board of Governors (BOG) elections
  • Access to corporate program newsletters, updates, and alerts
  • Notifications about corporate program meetings and events
  • Subscribe to corporate standards working group public reflectors
  • Discounts on the purchase of IEEE standards through your complimentary SA individual membership
  • Free listing on IEEE SA Corporate Channel
  • NEW - listing of individuals who have declared affiliation with your company and expressed interest in IEEE SA Working Groups 


Advanced members receive all of the above benefits PLUS:

  • Unlimited corporate working group attendance as participants
  • Gain voting privileges in an unlimited number of corporate projects (Note - additional working group fees may apply)
  • Initiate new corporate standards projects
  • Eligibility to serve as working group officers for corporate standards projects

2020 Corporate Membership Dues

Corporations with less than $5 million annual revenue, academic institutions, associations, nonprofits, government agencies US $1,500 US $4,200
Corporations with $5 to $100 million annual revenue US $4,000 US $8,000
Corporations with $100 to $500 million annual revenue US $5,600 US $12,000
Corporations with more than $500 million annual revenue US $8,800 US $16,000


Even if you're not ready for membership, you can still take part in the standards development process. Many working groups using the Individual Process welcome the participation of non-members. You can contribute your ideas and help to create the standard. You can even make use of our myProject™ system.

However, you will be unable to actually ballot on the standard or hold any type of leadership role in the working group until you become a member.