NGOs and Institutions
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are important change agents in promoting social progress and economic growth. IEEE SA collaborates with NGOs to share information about the standards and related work we have underway that can help inform discussions and that provide practical approaches and solutions for global and local challenges. We work to connect our standards development information and knowledge and technical and standards experts with NGOs to help strengthen advancements in technology to benefit humanity.


Among the NGOs we collaborate with are:

DQ Institute: Coordinating on digital skills and intelligence, including standardizing the DQ Institute’s Framework for Digital Literacy via IEEE 3527.1-2020, Standard for Age Appropriate Digital Services Framework, and through an agreement to cooperate on promoting digital resilience through digital intelligence and age-appropriate trustworthy environments, especially among children and youth.

Global Design Thinking Alliance and Hasso Plattner Institute: Coordinating to connect our global experts with the GDTA members to drive toward a more sustainable future by improving the implementation of solutions by the next generation of designers, technologists and innovators. 

The People-Centered Internet: Collaborating with PCI to advance discussions and solutions for global digital innovation and forto how to leveraging technology and standards to help communities be more resilient.

5Rights Foundation: Coordinating with the 5Rights Foundation to help advance better appreciation and recognition of the child, as technology use spans across borders and are utilized in education and entertainment settings around the world through work focused on children data governance and guardianship. An example of this is IEEE P2089TM Standards for Age Appropriate Digital Services Framework based on the 5Rights Principles for Children, which provides a methodology to establish a framework for digital services when end users are children, and by doing so, tailors the services that are provided so that they are age appropriate.