Global Engagement
Supporting collaboration, development and adoption of standards across the globe with industry, governments and the public.


ISO is a global network of national standards bodies that identifies what International Standards are required by business, government, and society; develops them in partnership with the sectors that will put them to use; adopts them by transparent procedures based on national input; and delivers them for implementation throughout the world.

ISO/IEEE Partner Standards Development Organization (PSDO) Cooperation Agreement 
ISO and IEEE have an agreement in place to increase their cooperation in developing international standards. The PSDO cooperation agreement provides new opportunities to adopt and jointly develop international standards to serve the global marketplace. The agreement currently focuses on the following technical areas:

The ISO/IEEE PSDO cooperation agreement aims to optimize stakeholder resources in the development of standards where both ISO and IEEE have expertise, and to shorten time-to-market. The agreement facilitates processes for the joint development of standards and for the adoption of standards.

The ISO Council consists of the principal officers of ISO and eighteen elected member bodies, including ANSI for the USA. ANSI is one of five permanent members to the ISO Council. The ISO Council meets twice a year and is responsible for the development of ISO’s multi-year strategic plan, the development of the ISO annual budget, ISO’s relations with other external organizations, and other political/strategic decisions, and the general operations of ISO.

For more information about IEEE's participation on the ANSI ISO Council, contact the Global Activities Office via email.

For more information about IEEE's participation on the ANSI ISO Council, contact the Global Activities Office via email.

Additional Information about ISO

ISO Procedures
There are three core documents describing basic procedural rules to be followed by ISO committees:

ISO Technical Committees