Global Dialogue Contributions

IEEE SA contributes to global discussions related to technology governance, legislation, and regulation through public policy statements, participation in global conferences, and by providing input to governments and organizations worldwide.

Public Policy Statements

Communications and Interventions

IEEE SA contributes to the global dialogue surrounding technology, standards and sustainability by responding to public calls for action or by providing oral or written interventions at relevant national and international fora.


World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum

The WSIS Forum serves as a platform for a global discussion of ICTs and how they can be a means to achieving the UN SDGs. IEEE participates in the WSIS Forum in High Level panels and organizes expert workshops and panel discussions on topics such as internet inclusion and accessibility, ethical dimensions of AI, children’s rights online, sustainability, smart energy, cybersecurity, privacy, e-health data, and many others.

Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Summit on Human Rights in the Digital Age (RightsCon)

RightsCon focuses on issues at the intersection of human rights and technology. IEEE has led discussions on issues such as data sovereignty and health wearables, and technology and sustainability, engaging a diverse community of stakeholders to help further the global dialogue around these important topics.

IEEE participates in this pan-European dialogue on internet governance, created to share best practices to foster dialogue and collaboration on public policy for the internet. IEEE has co-led discussions on such issues as data sovereignty and trusted online identity and privacy and data protection.

European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is known as a leading global multi-stakeholder forum on public policy issues related to Internet governance. It provides a venue for dialogue to identify issues to be addressed by the international community and it prepares the ground for negotiations and decision-making. IEEE participates in IGF, leading discussions on such topics as digital identity, internet governance, security, privacy, improving global connectivity, and AI systems ethics.

Responses to Requests for Input

IEEE SA submits responses to public open consultations or requests for information from governments and international organizations when there is relevance to standards.


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