IEEE Standards Adoptions

Adopting IEEE Standards

With the globalization and openness of the world economy, voluntary technical standards have a significant role in international exchange of products and services. They are used today for safety, to support technical regulations, ensure interoperability, grow markets, address fast-moving technologies, and more. IEEE standards enable international technical collaboration and are fundamental to the global technological infrastructure. They are developed in an open, bottom-up process and reflect the best experience of industry, researchers, consumers, regulators and more. As a focal point for various technologies and as an open community willing to share its expertise with standards developers worldwide we have an IEEE Standards Adoption Program. There are a variety of reasons to formally adopt IEEE standards and many types of organizations that adopt IEEE standards—including International, Regional and National Standards Bodies, Trade Organizations and Authorities. The adoption process includes agreements between the IEEE and the organization adopting IEEE standards. You can learn more in the Standards Adoption section of our Operations Manual.

If you are interested in adopting IEEE standards, please contact the IEEE SA Intellectual Property Rights team.

National Standards Bodies

For National Standards Bodies who would like to adopt IEEE standards, we have a streamlined process through a subscription-type service. 

National Standards Bodies play an important and growing role in the production, development and use of technology enabled by IEEE standards. IEEE standards can help bring technological development, economic growth and new employment opportunities to countries.

The National Standards Body adoption process allows you to:

  • Have direct contact with an IEEE SA Regional Team member to assist and guide you
  • View and access online the growing list of IEEE standards available for adoption
  • Distribute the adopted IEEE standards within the country for which the national standard is valid royalty-free


If you would like to learn more, including what IEEE standards are available for adoption, please complete this form, and an IEEE SA Regional Team member will contact you. 

To see details about the National Standards Body adoption process, please see the template agreement.

Once you make the decision to enter into a National Standards Body agreement with us, you will be requested to complete a form that will initiate the formal process.