IEEE-SA Distributor Program
Additional Distributor Program information, tools, and resources are available to help ensure success!

Once you've signed on as a Distributor, we want to make sure you have all the information and support you need to get started selling!

The Process
In order to set up the data feed of IEEE SA standards product information so that you may begin to offer our products through your website, you will need to understand the following requirements and process.

  1. Receive and review sample file and Glossary & Map data fields
  2. Sign IEEE SA Distributor agreement
  3. Set-up feed (provide FTP credentials)
  4. Test & QA
  5. Set Launch date to begin selling IEEE products
  6. Daily data feed file (changes to PDFs and/or metadata)

Download the Integrating Data flyer for more information

Enhancements to XML and Data Feed

We have made enhancements to our XML and data feed so that an IEEE Standard can now have two concurrent active drafts (of different versions) sold at the same time. Example: P802.11ah/D5.0, March 2015 and P802.11ah/D6.0, February 2016

Please note also that the Publisher-Copyright Holder LOVs have been updated.

To help you implement these new features, download a sample file including our latest XML Schema and XML Tag descriptions.

Updated Standards XML Tree Structures

The Category, Subscription, and ICS Code XML tree structures for the IEEE Standards eFeed have been updated. Please make sure to update your system in order to ensure that these XML tree structures properly assign the Categories, Subscriptions and ICS Codes to IEEE Standards content.

Download the zip file that includes 3 XML file trees

Distributors Program Marketing Support

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) wants to help you be successful in marketing our products. As part of the Distributor Program, IEEE SA will be sending you:

  • Monthly eNewsletter: Learn about the newly published standards and products, as well as additional content and standards-related materials.
  • Quarterly updates: Learn about the recently approved projects and standards as they are voted upon in the quarterly Standards Association Board meetings.
  • Distributor Program Communications: Get information regarding the Distributor Program, promotional support tools and updates, and other relevant news.

Download the Marketing Support flyer for more information

Design and Graphics Support

You can select from a library of graphics and generic templates that can be downloaded from our website and customized as needed to help in your promotions of IEEE SA products

  • Flyers
  • Template
  • Banner ads