IEEE-SA Board of Governors
Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE-SA.

Strategic Planning Coordination Committee (SPCC)

This committee shall

  • Identify and evaluate matters of a strategic nature
  • Report to the BOG the status of the strategic plan and other strategic issues
  • Monitor the execution of the strategic plan
  • Recommend revisions to the strategic plan
  • Provide oversight of the preparation of IEEE-SA external position statements prior to BOG approval
  • Ensure strong partnership between volunteers and professional staff
  • Invite participation by subject matter experts as needed to address topics of interest This committee shall consist of the IEEE-SA President (BOG Chair) who will serve as Conveyor, the IEEE-SA Past President/IEEE-SA President Elect, the CAG Chair, the SASB Chair, and the IEEE-SA Managing Director; and will be supported by a staff liaison.

2019 Roster:
Robert Fish
Don Wright
Gary Hoffman
Robby Simpson
Konstantinos Karachalios

Staff Liaisons:
Alpesh Shah
Chirag Desai