Board of Governors

Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE SA.

Strategic Planning Coordination Committee (SPCC)

This committee shall

  • Identify and evaluate matters of a strategic nature
  • Report to the BOG the status of the strategic plan and other strategic issues
  • Monitor the execution of the strategic plan
  • Recommend revisions to the strategic plan
  • Ensure strong partnership between volunteers and professional staff
  • Invite participation by subject matter experts as needed to address topics of interest

This committee shall consist of the IEEE SA President (BOG Chair) who will serve as Conveyor, the IEEE SA Past President/IEEE SA President Elect, the CAG Chair, the SASB Chair, and the IEEE SA Managing Director; and will be supported by a staff liaison.

2021 Roster:
Jim Matthews
Robert Fish
Gary Hoffman
Konstantinos Karachalios
Robby Simpson

Staff Liaisons:
Chirag Desai
Alpesh Shah