IEEE SA Strategic Management and Delivery Committee (SMDC)

Strategic Management and Delivery Committee (SMDC) Charters

Strategic Management and Delivery Committees (SMDCs) are established by the IEEE SA Board of Governors (BOG) to address strategic focus areas that are necessary and critical for the IEEE SA to achieve long-term organizational objectives.

Financial Sustainability [Mark Epstein: VP]
Strives to ensure IEEE SA long-term financial sustainability, financial transparency, and appropriate management of the financial portfolio. It creates tools to aid the business and investment plans for IEEE SA projects.

Industry Engagement and Sector Strategies [Robby Simpson: VP]
Manages a strategic industry engagement framework that aims to bring companies and industry consortia into the IEEE SA ecosystem.

Market Incubation and Business Acceleration [Rob Fish: VP]
Cultivates the growth of a single or of a few strategically important businesses through focused dedication of resources.

Marketing Strategies, Technology Policy, Government Engagement, and Regional Marketing Campaigns and Activities [Rebekka Porath: VP]
Supports IEEE SA business growth via promotion of brand awareness, provision of all aspects of marketing support, and engagement in public policy initiatives that enhance the reputation of the IEEE SA.

Platform Infrastructure Optimization [Robby Robson: VP]
Assists in the provision of software infrastructure tools and platforms that enable customers, volunteers, and IEEE staff to effectively and efficiently leverage the IEEE SA ecosystem to achieve their goals.

Product and Service Innovation [Don Wright: VP]
Helps to create, grow, and manage IEEE SA’s product and services portfolio, with an emphasis on products and services that complement IEEE SA’s core consensus businesses.

Standards and Standards Innovations [Gary Hoffman: VP]
Works to ensure that the standardization environment of the IEEE SA continues to meet the needs of its membership and offers a vibrant home for consensus standards development. In addition, this SMDC aids in the development of standardization processes and governance, including enhancing volunteer engagement and education.

Technical Innovation and Engagement [Alex Gelman: VP]
Supports IEEE SA’s strategic interests through interaction and collaboration with other operational units within IEEE.


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