IEEE-SA Board of Governors
Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE-SA.


The CAG serves as an advisory body to IEEE-SA corporate members and to the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG). It procures industry input concerning the IEEE standards process and provides strategic direction and recommendations to the BOG. The committee strives to represent a broad spectrum of industry interests and global perspectives.


  • Represents corporate member insight and guidance on needs, interest, vision, products, and services provided by IEEE
  • Establishes the CAG as the recognized conduit for corporate perspectives
  • Serves as an advocate for IEEE
  • Promotes and advocates new work in the IEEE-SA in all areas
  • Promotes corporate representation, membership, and entity-based activities
  • Facilitates industry feedback on present and proposed methods and tools provided for development of standards and related products
  • Provides oversight as an owning Standards Committee for certain entity-based projects
  • Advises on direction of IEEE-SA Corporate Program, including budget

View more information (PDF) about the attributes for consideration of project proposals to be overseen by the CAG.

CAG Profile

  • Strives to represent a broad spectrum of industry interests
  • Represents a global perspective
  • Serves in an advisory capacity
  • Serves as an advocate for IEEE


  • Current employee of, or otherwise designated by, an IEEE-SA entity member
  • Employer is Basic or Advanced corporate member of IEEE-SA

Strategic Outreach Position Profile

  • Entity is domiciled outside the U.S.
  • Entity is in a region that is targeted for expanded involvement in corporate program
  • Entity has a perceived interest in IEEE standards development
  • Entity shows interest in leveraging the understanding of the IEEE-SA in its region
  • Entity must be a corporate member of IEEE-SA (or willing to join)
  • Entity must have a vested interest in management of industry standards development
  • Person must be a current employee of the entity in a strategic standards position

2019 CAG Roster


Robby Simpson, GE, Chair
Jun Yu, SGCC, Vice Chair
Chuck Adams, Huawei
Masayuki Ariyoshi, NEC Corporation
Dennis Brophy, Mentor, a Siemens Business
Mark Epstein, Qualcomm
Tom Herbst, ARM
Glenn Parsons, Ericsson
Gary Stuebing, Cisco
Vipin Tyagi, CDOT
Don Wright, Apple
  Dave Ringle, IEEE-SA, Administrator

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