Standards Awards
Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE SA and the development of standards.


The IEEE SA International Joint Working Group Chair Award is presented to IEEE SA Working Group Chairs and ISO, IEC, or ISO/IEC Working Group Chair counterparts in acknowledgment of the contributions made between IEEE and either ISO, IEC, or ISO/IEC during the development of a standard.

[Note: This award shall be presented to the IEEE SA Working Group Chair in addition to the IEEE SA Standards Board Working Group Chair Award (see]

The award consists of a framed certificate containing the contributor?s name, the designation of the standard, and title of the standard. There is no honorarium attached to these awards.

This award is presented to the IEEE standards Working Group Chair and to the international counterpart (ISO or IEC) in recognition of their leadership in the development of international joint standards. There are no restrictions or preferences as to the nationality, race, sex, creed or age.

The award is issued automatically upon publication of the jointly developed standard.

This award is sponsored by the IEEE Standards Association.


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