As the line between actual reality and virtual reality becomes increasingly blurred through new developments in technology, how can we continue to identify what is real, and what is not? Mixed reality will revolutionize the world as we know it, radically altering how we view people, environments, objects, and illusions. However, with seemingly limitless possibilities to augment the world around us through technological mediums, risks and threats are inevitable. At SXSW 2015, IEEE’s Future of Identity Series featured the panel, Mixed Reality Habitats: The New Wired Frontier, as well as an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) mural, calling into question the overlap between reality and augmented reality, and its effects on the future of humanity.

Those interested in the progression of this innovative technological field can find several opportunities to keep up with the most current information through a variety of offerings from IEEE.

The IEEE Computer Society brings technology leaders together to stay on the cutting edge of current issues in computing technology, sponsoring over 200 technical conferences and 30 journals and magazines dedicated to computer science and technology. The IEEE Computer Society’s many technical communities offer a more focused experience on emerging technologies, including those related to AR and its implications. The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics sponsors two major conference series: IEEE Visualization, and IEEE Virtual Reality, furthering its mission to promote research and provide the most current information on the application of AR and other virtual technologies

The IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative proposes to rethink the computer through a holistic look that addresses all aspects of computing, to help the computer industry surpass its current setbacks and challenges, including those affecting the development of humancomputer interface and dynamic machine learning. Through research and dialogue, IEEE Rebooting Computing will certainly remain involved in the AR debate.

AR is also a major focus area within IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA). In an effort to make us more efficient and add to the quality of human life, IEEE-SA is leading campaigns and projects to help ensure that AR reaches its full potential.

The IEEE is also assisting the development of AR’s true potential by:

  • Encouraging the use of standards, open interfaces, and sound engineering practices when designing and delivering AR experiences
  • Engaging industry stakeholders in dialogue about the existing or future potential and obstacles
  • Developing training and certification programs that will ensure the highest return on investments in the technology

The current and future prevalence of AR can be a subject that is both challenging to understand and difficult with which to keep up, due to its quickly growing presence. IEEE’s Society and Technical Council offerings, as well as efforts put forth by IEEE-SA, continue to make accessing comprehensive information about AR a reality.

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