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Rules for IEEE-SA Standards Board membership

  1. The time commitment is three face-to-face meetings (and at least one teleconference) in 2018 plus appropriate preparation time. The IEEE-SA Standards Board series covers three days. The Standing Committees of the Board (New Standards Committee, Standards Review Committee, Procedures Committee, Patent Committee, Audit Committee, and Industry Connections Committee) meet the first two days of the series and the Standards Board meets the final day.

View the 2018 calendar. The SASB meetings are denoted by yellow highlight.

Attendance is expected at all meetings. If appointed to the SASB, you will also participate on a Standing Committee as well. This would incur another 1 or 2 days of meetings prior to the Standards Board meeting.

  1. This is a non-funded position. You (or your employer) are expected to fund your travel.
  1. You must have an email address, web access, and a laptop computer to bring to the meeting.
  1. Standards Board members shall be of Member or higher grade of the IEEE and also be a member of the IEEE Standards Association.
  1. Standing Committee members shall be members of the IEEE Standards Association.

Please contact Dave Ringle [] if you have any questions. More information available on the Standards Board section of the IEEE-SA website.