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Karen McCabe (Media)

Karine Iffour (Policy)

BRUSSELS, 5 October 2012 - IEEE welcomes yesterday’s formal ratification of the EU Regulation on European Standardisation, which follows the vote in the European Parliament on the 11th of September. The new regulation includes a framework to reference information and communications technology (ICT) technical specifications in policy and procurement, resulting in benefits to society and industry across Europe by simplifying and accelerating the availability of market-relevant specifications.

“ICT standardisation is increasingly global and innovation in the ICT sector is rapid. Through the adoption of this EU Regulation, the EU has recognised the value of referencing global technical specifications, which will benefit European consumers and promote European competitiveness,” says Steve Mills, president, IEEE Standards Association.

IEEE will continue to sustain its engagement with experts across Europe and around the world on developing excellent technical standards. Additionally, IEEE looks forward to participating actively in the European ICT Standardisation Multi-Stakeholder Platform, which will allow IEEE and other parties to share their expertise and positively contribute to the standards landscape.

“The new regulation will enable emerging, global ICT technical specifications to be available to all European stakeholder communities more quickly, which is critical given the world’s increasing pace of technological developments,” stated Konstantinos Karachalios, managing director, IEEE Standards Association.

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