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New memorandum of understanding establishes relationship between global thought leaders in power systems and the smart grid

Shuang Yu, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing
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PISCATAWAY, N.J., USA, 7 August 2012 - The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) today announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CIGRE, a Paris-based international non-profit association that promotes global collaboration among professionals to improve existing and build future electrical power systems. Under the terms of the MoU, CIGRE and the IEEE-SA will exchange information on their activities and encourage cooperation among their participants.

“This MoU will facilitate the global cooperation and information sharing that is so crucial at this moment when electricity grids are being modernized around the world,” said Terry deCourcelle, senior director, international programs & governance, for the IEEE-SA. “The IEEE-SA is constantly seeking to expand and strengthen its relationships with other leading organizations, in order to drive greater cooperation across members of these organizations and help all stakeholders be more efficient with their resources in attaining the results that they desire. Establishing this relationship with CIGRE will help us achieve these goals.”

CIGRE works on issues related to equipment design and care and planning and operation of power systems and plants, protection, control, telecommunications and information systems. Part of the results of these activities are used by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IEEE-SA, meanwhile, is a global leader in power and energy standards, including more than 100 active IEEE standards or standards in development relevant to the smart grid, which augments the facility for electricity generation, distribution, delivery and consumption with a two-way, end-to-end network for communications and control. The MoU is intended to encourage communication between CIGRE and the IEEE-SA, to promote shared knowledge of technical work that may impact the development of standards and to facilitate cooperation between the two organizations.

“International experts’ working together and exchanging information across the industry is key to the sustainable development of electric power,” said François Meslier, secretary general of CIGRE. “Since our founding in 1921, CIGRE’s goal has been to continuously build our knowledge base toward fostering technology innovation in the interests of everyone in our community and industry. Our new MoU with the IEEE-SA both aligns with CIGRE’s heritage and objectives and advances our efforts.”

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