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Recognizing the value of IoT to industry and the benefits this technology innovation brings to the public, the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has a number of standards, projects and events that are directly related to creating the environment needed for a vibrant IoT. This area provides a reference point for all things in SA related to IoT. IEEE IoT

IEEE-SA IoT Ecosystem Study
IEEE-SA engaged stakeholders in key regions of the world to create an IoT Ecosystem Study. The study comprises three principal areas: Market, Technology, and Standards, along with an examination of the role of academia and research and the importance of user acceptance. An executive summary of the study is available.

IEEE P2413, Draft Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things Working Group
This draft standard defines an architectural framework for the Internet of Things (IoT), including descriptions of various IoT domains, definitions of IoT domain abstractions, and identification of commonalities between different IoT domains. To participate in the development of this standard, visit the IEEE P2413 Working Group page.


IEEE IoT World Forum event in Singapore from 05-08 February 2018.


A Market Driven Architecture - The Standard for an Architectural Framework for the IoT
Internet of Things World Forum Interview: Mary Lynne Nielsen and Oleg Logvinov


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