IEEE Standards Association is playing a major role in the interoperability of healthcare applications and devices.

The eHealth environment emerging around the globe is predicated on standards-based interoperability of multi-vendor technology, and help to enable multi-vendor systems and applications to speak the same language.

Healthcare providers are then able to cost-effectively source the disparate array of standards-based technologies that their patients need without limitations on how information is shared across the end-to-end infrastructure.

IEEE has many standards in the eHealth technology area designed to help healthcare products, vendors and integrators create devices and systems for:

• disease management • fitness tracking • health monitoring • independent living

These standards can help save lives and improve quality of life for people worldwide.

By measuring both activity levels and health stats, the goal of e-health is to allow these monitoring and independent living devices to work together to detect conditions sooner. Allowing personal health devices to securely exchange information among the device, patient, and physician is the focus of the IEEE 11073 family of standards.

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