Augmented Reality

Provides a concise reference point for IEEE Standards related to Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is the perception of digital information-usually visual perception-synchronized with objects and places in the physical world around the user. This IEEE-SA Innovations Space provides a concise reference point for all things in SA related to AR.


You are invited to participate in our programs and to discover AR for yourself in our materials. You can find out what current IEEE standards and projects are most relevant to the field of AR. And the IEEE-SA has an informative FAQ to help you.

The AR in Your Future virtual events program lets you discover Augmented Reality. Through instructional episodes moderated by AR industry leader Christine Perey, you will learn from invited experts as they debate today's AR issues in panel discussion format.

The IEEE AR in 2020 scenarios project developed the most likely scenarios for mobile, personalized information capture and delivery with AR in the year 2020. A white paper on the business landscapes for AR in 2020 is currently available.

The IEEE-SA has started a new IEEE-SA Industry Connections program to develop campaigns and projects to ensure that AR reaches its full potential as an enhancement to human life and information use.

IEEE Standards and The City AR medical devices image

Check out how IEEE standards are leveraged in your everyday life to help to enable technology. This augmented reality demonstration offers you 4 short scenarios in which our character "Tesla" utilizes various IEEE standards during 1 day...on his commute into work, at work, as well as his leisure activities. View Full Size Mural.

IEEE Standards & Medical Device Communications AR medical devices image

Check out how IEEE standards help enable various medical devices through the secure exchange of information among the device, patient, and physician. View Augmented Reality image.

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