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Power and Energy Standards

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Power and Energy Standards
524-2016 - IEEE Guide for the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line ConductorsGeneral recommendations for the selection of methods, equipment, and tools that have been found to be practical for the stringing of ove ... active Standard
525-2016 - IEEE Guide for the Design andInstallation of Cable Systems in SubstationsThe design, installation, and protection of wire and cable systems in substations are covered in this guide, with the objective of minim ... active Standard
528-2001 - IEEE Standard for Inertial Sensor TerminologyTerms and definitions relating to inertial sensors are presented in this standard. Usage asunderstood by the inertial sensor community i ... active Standard
529-1980 - Supplement for Strapdown Applications to IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Rate-Integrating GyrosA specification format guide for the preparation of a rate-integrating gyroscope specification is presented. Recommended procedures for ... active Standard
532-1982 - IEEE Guide for Selecting and Testing Jackets for CablesJackets furnish mechanical protection for cables during installation and heat cycling. Jackets retard the ingress of water and earth che ... withdrawn Standard
532-2007 - IEEE Guide for Selecting and Testing Jackets for Power, Instrumentation, and Control CablesRevision of IEEE Std 532-1993. This guide covers properties of commonly used jackets as well as selection and testing of jackets. It is ... active Standard
539-2005 - IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms Relating to Corona and Field Effects of Overhead Power LinesDefinitions and usage of terms used in the measurement and analysis of corona and field effects of overhead power lines are presented in ... active Standard
548-1984 - IEEE Standard Criteria and Guidelines for the Laboratory Measurement and Reporting of Fly Ash ResistivityUniform criteria and guidelines for laboratory measurement and reporting of fly ash resistivity data obtained in the laboratory are pres ... withdrawn Standard
551-2006 - Recommended Practice for Calculating AC Short-Circuit Currents in Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThis recommended practice provides short-circuit current information including calculated short-circuit current duties for the applicati ... active Standard
563-1978 - IEEE Guide on Conductor Self-Damping MeasurementsReaffirmed September 2007. Methods for measuring the inherent vibration damping characteristics of overhead conductors are presented. Th ... active Standard
566-1976 - Recommended Practice For the Design of Display and Control Facilities for Central Control Rooms of Nuclear Power Generating StationsTo provide uniform guidelines for the functional selection, coordination, and organization of control and information systems in a nucle ... active Standard
575-1988 - IEEE Guide for Application of Sheath-Bonding Methods for Single-Conductor Cables and the Calculation of Induced Voltages and Currents in Cable SheathsWithdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Oct 25, 1996. The most common sheath-bonding systems now in use, and the methods of calculating she ... withdrawn Standard
575-2014 - IEEE Guide for Bonding Shields and Sheaths of Single-Conductor Power Cables Rated 5 kV through 500 kVThe most common shield/sheath-bonding systems now in use on medium through extra high-voltage (5 kV to 500 kV) single-conductor shielded ... active Standard
576-2000 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Installation, Termination, and Testing of Insulated Power Cable as Used in Industrial and Commercial Applications" A guide for installing, splicing, terminating, and field proof testing of cable systems inindustrial and commercial applications is pr ... active Standard
583-1982 - IEEE Standard Modular Instrumentation and Digital Interface System (CAMAC) (Computer Automated Measurement and Control)This standard is intended to serve as a basis for a range of modular instrumentation capable of interfacing transducers and other device ... active Standard
590-1977 - IEEE Cable Plowing GuideMethods used to place cable underground vary widely. The choice of method depends on such factors as soil conditions, surface and subsur ... withdrawn Standard
592-1990 - IEEE Standard for Exposed Semiconducting Shields on High-Voltage Cable Joints and Separable Insulated ConnectorsThis standard provides design tests for shield resistance and a simulated fault-current initiation for exposed semiconducting shields us ... withdrawn Standard
592-2018 - IEEE Standard for Insulation Shields on Medium-Voltage (15 kV - 35 kV) Cable Joints and Separable ConnectorsDesign tests for shield resistance, simulated touch current, and a simulated fault-current initiation for insulation shields used on cab ... active Standard
597-1983 - IEEE Standard Practices and Requirements for General Purpose Thyristor DC DrivesLine-commutated semiconductor power converters for general-purpose industrial dc motor drives powered from three-phase or single-phase a ... withdrawn Standard
599-1985 - IEEE Standard Definitions of Power Systems Data Transmission and Related Channel TerminologyThis standard includes definitions of those terms deemed necessary of performing or understanding measurements on channels used for data ... withdrawn Standard
602-2007 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Systems in Health Care FacilitiesA recommended practice for the design and operation of electric systems in health care facilities is provided. The term health care faci ... active Standard
605-1987 - IEEE Guide for Design of Substation Rigid-Bus StructuresRigid-bus structures for outdoor and indoor, air-insulated, and alternating-current substations are covered. Portions of this guide are ... withdrawn Standard
605-2008 - IEEE Guide for Bus Design in Air Insulated SubstationsA proper design of the substation bus ensures a safe and reliable operation of the substation and the power system. Two different types ... active Standard
605a-2010 - IEEE Guide for Bus Design in Air-Insulated Substations—Amendment 1A proper design of the substation bus ensures a safe and reliable operation of the substation and the power system. Two different types ... active Standard
606-1959 - AIEE Recommended Specification for Self Governing of Internal Combustion Engine-Generator UnitsThe Recommended Specifications consist of four sections. Specification Sections II, III and IV are complete purchase specifications. The ... withdrawn Standard
620-1987 - IEEE Guide for Construction and Interpretation of Thermal Limit Curves for Squirrel-Cage Motors Over 500 hpThermal limit curves for induction machines are defined. A procedure is established for the presentation of these curves, and guidance f ... withdrawn Standard
620-1996 - IEEE Guide for the Presentation of Thermal Limit Curves for Squirrel Cage Induction MachinesThe purpose of this standard is to define thermal limit curves and to establish a standard procedure for the construction and presentati ... active Standard
622-1987 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design and Installation of Electric Heat Tracing Systems for Nuclear Power Generating SystemsRecommended practices for designing, installing, and maintaining electric heat tracing systems are provided. These electric heat tracing ... active Standard
622A-1984 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design and Installation of Electric Pipe Heating Control and Alarm Systems for Power Generating StationsRecommended practices for designing and installing electric pipe heating control and alarm systems, as applied to mechanical piping syst ... withdrawn Standard
622B-1988 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing and Startup Procedures for Electric Heat Tracing Systems for Power Generating StationsWithdrawn February 2006. Recommendations that may be used to ensure that an electric heat tracing system is installed correctly, is prop ... withdrawn Standard
628-2011 - IEEE Standard Criteria for the Design, Installation, and Qualification of Raceway Systems for Class 1E Circuits for Nuclear Power Generating StationsCriteria for the minimum requirements in the selection design, installation, and qualification of raceway systems for Class 1E circuits ... active Standard
634-2005 - IEEE Standard for Cable-Penetration Fire Stop Qualification TestRevision of IEEE Std 634-1978 This standard is applicable to fire stops of various materials and construction. Cablepenetration fire st ... active Standard
635-2003 - IEEE Guide for Selection and Design of Aluminum Sheaths for Power CablesApproved Publication of IEEE , Published Date: May 15, 2004 **Supersedes 635-1989 (R1994). Project scope: This project will revise the ... active Standard
638-2013 - IEEE Standard for Qualification of Class 1E Transformers for Nuclear Power Generating StationsProcedures for demonstrating the adequacy of new Class 1E transformers, located in a mild environment of a nuclear power generating stat ... active Standard
640-1985 - IEEE Guide for Power-Station Noise ControlEnvironmental noise and occupational noise exposure are a matter of increasing public concern. Legislation requiring assessment, control ... withdrawn Standard
643-2004 - IEEE Guide for Power-Line Carrier ApplicationsRevision of IEEE Std 643-1980 The purpose of this guide is to provide application information to users of carrier equipment as applied ... active Standard
643-2004/Cor 1-2013 - IEEE Guide for Power-Line Carrier Applications Corrigendum 1: Modal Analysis Power Equation CorrectionCorrections to Equation 16, and Equation 18 through Equation 20 are addressed in this corrigendum. active Standard
644-1987 - IEEE Standard Procedures for Measurement of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC Power LinesUniform procedures for the measurement of power frequency electric and magnetic fields from alternating current (AC) overhead power line ... withdrawn Standard