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60076-21-2011 - Power Transformers – Part 21: Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Step-Voltage RegulatorsAdoption of IEEE Std C57.15-2009. Description of design types, tables of 50 Hz and 60 Hz ratings, supplementary ratings, construction, and... Active Standard
C62.92.1-1987 - Guide for the Application of Neutral Grounding in Electrical Utility Systems Part I--IntroductionThe purpose of this guide and subsequent revisions to IEEE Std 143-1954 [8]1 is to present some basic considerations for the selection of neutral... Active Standard
422-2012 - Guide for the Design of Cable Raceway Systems for Electric Generating FacilitiesGuidance for the design and installation of cable raceway systems for all types of electric generating facilities is provided. Recommendations,... Active Standard
1310-2012 - Recommended Practice for Thermal Cycle Testing of Form-Wound Stator Bars and Coils for Large Rotating MachinesThis procedure is intended for form-wound bars/coils for rotating machines rated 10 kV or more at 50 Hz or 60 Hz that are subjected to many... Active Standard
1799-2012 - Recommended Practice for Quality Control Testing of External Discharges on Stator Coils, Bars, and WindingsThe procedure for quality control testing of external discharges on stator coils, bars and windings of large air-cooled ac electric machines is... Active Standard
1815-2012 - Electric Power Systems Communications-Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)The DNP3 protocol structure, functions, and interoperable application options (subset levels) are specified. The simplest application level is... Active Standard
C135.64-2012 - Guide for Slip and Pull-Out Strength Testing of Bolted Dead End Strain ClampsTest procedures for the slip and pullout strength certification testing of bolted dead end strain clamps for use on overhead transmission and... Active Standard
C37.98-2013 - Draft Seismic Qualification Testing of Protective Relays and Auxiliaries for Nuclear FacilitiesThis standard describes the methods and conditions for seismic qualification of protective relays and auxiliaries such as test and control... Active Standard
1491-2012 - Guide for Selection and Use of Battery Monitoring Equipment in Stationary ApplicationsOperational parameters that may be observed by battery monitoring equipment used in stationary applications and the relative value of such... Active Standard
998-2012 - Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of SubstationsDesign information for the methods historically and typically applied by substation designers to reduce direct lightning strokes to equipment and... Active Standard
1613.1-2013 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Transmission and Distribution FacilitiesEnvironmental testing requirements are defined for communications networking devices to be installed in transmission and distribution facilities.... Active Standard
62032-2012 - IEC 62032:2012(E)(Std C57.135-2011) Guide for the Application, Specification, and Testing of Phase-Shifting TransformersTheory, application of phase-shifting transformers, and the difference of specification and testing to standard system transformers are described... Active Standard
C37.99-2012 - Guide for the Protection of Shunt Capacitor BanksThis guide applies to the protection of shunt power capacitor banks and filter capacitor banks. Included are guidelines for reliable applications... Active Standard
C62.39-2012 - Test Methods and Preferred Values for Self-Restoring Current-Limiter Components Used in Telecommunication Surge ProtectionThe basic requirements to be met by series connected, solid-state, self-restoring overcurrent protectors (OCPs) for the protection of... Active Standard
835a-2012 - Standard Power Cable Ampacity Tables Amendment 1: Revision to IntroductionCorrections to the introduction for the standard with over 3000 ampacity tables for extruded dielectric power cables rated through 138 kV and... Active Standard
C57.12.60-2009/Cor 1-2013 - Standard Test Procedure for Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Dry-Type Power and Distribution Transformers, Including Open-Wound, Solid-Cast, and Resin-Encapsulated TransformersThis corrigendum clarifies temperature control for aging experiments in 4.5.1 that was a result of the combination of the two previous test... Active Standard
692-2013 - Criteria for Security Systems for Nuclear Power Generating StationsCriteria for the design of an integrated security system for nuclear power generating stations are provided in this standard. Requirements are... Active Standard
1129-2014 - Guide for Online Monitoring of Large Synchronous Generators (10 MVA and Above)The guidelines for online monitoring of large synchronous generators are described in this guide. High-level discussions of each of the proposed... Active Standard
1210-2004/Cor 1-2014 - Standard Tests for Determining Compatibility of Cable-Pulling Lubricants with Wire and Cable - Corrigendum 1Criteria and test methods for determining the compatibility of cable-pulling lubricants (compounds) with cable jacket or other exterior cable... Active Standard
487.2-2013 - the Electrical Protection of Communication Facilities Serving Electric Supply Locations through the Use of Optical Fiber SystemsSafe and reliable methods for the electrical protection of telecommunication facilities serving electric supply locations through the use of... Active Standard
62843-2013 - N times 64 kilobit per second optical fiber interfaces between teleprotection and multiplexer equipmentAn optical interface for use between teleprotection and digital multiplexer equipment that can operate at a data rate of N times 64 kilobit per... Active Standard
344-2013 - Seismic Qualification of Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating StationsPractices are provided for establishing procedures that will yield data to demonstrate that the equipment can meet its performance requirements... Active Standard
638-2013 - Qualification of Class 1E Transformers for Nuclear Power Generating StationsProcedures for demonstrating the adequacy of new Class 1E transformers, located in a mild environment of a nuclear power generating station, to... Active Standard
1816-2013 - Guide for Preparation Techniques of Extruded Dielectric, Shielded Cables Rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV and the Installation of Mating AccessoriesAccepted best industry practices for the preparation of extruded dielectric shielded medium voltage cables rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV for the... Active Standard
535-2013 - Qualification of Class 1E Vented Lead Acid Storage Batteries for Nuclear Power Generating StationsQualification methods for Class 1E vented lead acid batteries and racks to be used in nuclear power generating stations outside primary... Active Standard
C37.118.1a-2014 - Approved Draft Synchrophasor Measurements for Power Systems Amendment to modify selected performance requirementsThis standard is for synchronized phasor measurement systems in power systems. It defines a synchronized phasor (synchrophasor), frequency, and... Active Standard
C93.3-1995 - American National Standard--Requirements for Power-Line Carrier Line TrapsThis standard applies to a line trap inserted into a power circuit to minimize carrier-frequency signal losses. The standard covers line traps in... Active Standard
323-1971 - Trial-Use Standard: General Guide for Qualifying Class I Electric Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis document describes the basic requirements for the qualification of Class I electric equipment. This is equipment which is essential to the... Superseded Standard
1249-2013 - IEC/Guide for Computer-based Control for Hydroelectric Power Plant AutomationThis guide addresses the application, design concepts, and implementation of computer-based control systems for hydroelectric plant automation. It... Active Standard
643-2004/Cor 1-2013 - Guide for Power-Line Carrier Applications Corrigendum 1: Modal Analysis Power Equation CorrectionCorrections to Equation 16, and Equation 18 through Equation 20 are addressed in this corrigendum. Active Standard
C57.12.10-2010/Cor 2-2013 - Standard Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers -- Corrigendum 2: Correction of A.3.2.13 Autotransformer LTC application considerationsRequirements for power transformer application are set forth in this standard. It is intended to be used as a basis for performance,... Active Standard
323/323a-1974 - Qualifying Class IE Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis document describes the basic requirements for qualifying Class 1E equipment and interfaces that are to be used in nuclear power generating... Superseded Standard
308-1974 - Standard Criteria for Class IE Power Systems for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard applies to the electric systems in stationary single-unit and multi-unit nuclear power generating stations that provide electric... Superseded Standard
62270-2013 - IEC/Guide for Computer-based Control for Hydroelectric Power Plant AutomationThis guide addresses the application, design concepts, and implementation of computer-based control systems for hydroelectric plant automation. It... Active Standard
344-1971 - Trial-Use Guide for Seismic Qualification of Class I Electric Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis guide provides direction for establishing procedures that will yield data which verify that the Class I electric equipment can meet its... Superseded Standard
344-1975 - Recommended Practices for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThese recommended practices provide direction for establishing procedures that will yield data which verify that the class 1E equipment can meet... Superseded Standard
450-1972 - Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Large Stationary Type Power Plant and Substation Lead Storage BatteriesProper maintenance will prolong the life of a battery and will aid in assuring that it is capable of supplying its design power requirements. A... Superseded Standard