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C135.61-1997 - the Testing of Overhead Transmission and Distribution Line HardwareRequirements for mechanically testing load-rated line hardware for use on transmission and distribution facilities are described. Items... Active Standard
C135.62-2009 - Zinc-Coated Forged Anchor ShacklesDimensions and strength requirements for anchor shackles used in overhead transmission and distribution line hardware are covered in this standard. Active Standard
C135.63-1998 - Shoulder Live Line Extension Links for Overhead Line ConstructionDimensions and strength requirements for shoulder live line extension links used in overhead transmission and distribution hardware are covered. Active Standard
C135.64-2012 - Guide for Slip and Pull-Out Strength Testing of Bolted Dead End Strain ClampsTest procedures for the slip and pullout strength certification testing of bolted dead end strain clamps for use on overhead transmission and... Active Standard
C135.80-2012 - Fasteners for Overhead Line ConstructionThe requirements of inch-based: (1) zinc-coated ferrous carriage bolts, machine bolts, double-arming bolts, double-end bolts, washer-head bolts,... Active Standard
C135.90-2014 - Pole Line Hardware for Overhead Line ConstructionThis standard covers the requirements of inch-based wood pole line hardware commonly used in overhead line construction. Metric pole line hardware... Active Standard