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1205-2014 - Approved Draft Guide for Assessing, Monitoring, and Mitigating Aging Effects on Electrical Equipment Used in Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear FacilitiesGuidelines for assessing, monitoring, and mitigating aging degradation effects on electrical equipment used in nuclear power generating stations... Active Standard
C2-2012 - National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) Handbook, Seventh EditionThe 2012 NESC(R) Handbook, Seventh Edition, edited by Allen Clapp, is an essential companion to the Code. It gives users insight into what lies... Active Standard
C2-2012 - 2012 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)This Code covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from the installation, operation, or maintenance of (1)... Active Standard
C93.5-1997 - American National Standard Requirements for Single Function Power-Line Carrier Transmitter/Receiver EquipmentThis standard applies to single function power-line carrier (PLC) transmitter/receiver equipment used to transfer information over power... Active Standard
515-2011 - the Testing, Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Electrical Resistance Trace Heating for Industrial ApplicationsSpecific testing requirements for qualifying electrical resistance heating cables and heating devices for use in industrial applications, as well... Active Standard
1020-2011 - Guide for Control of Small (100 kVA to 5 MVA) Hydroelectric Power PlantsDescription of the electrical control and monitoring requirements for equipment and systems associated with small (100 kVA to 5 MVA) hydroelectric... Active Standard
1409-2012 - Guide for Application of Power Electronics for Power Quality Improvement on Distribution Systems Rated 1 kV Through 38 kVGuidelines and performance expectations are provided for the application of power electronic-based equipment on distribution systems of power... Active Standard
C57.149-2012 - Guide for the Application and Interpretation of Frequency Response Analysis for Oil-Immersed TransformersThe measurement of Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) of oil-immersed power transformers is applicable in this guide. It is intended to provide the... Active Standard
421.4-2014 - Guide for the Preparation of Excitation System SpecificationsThis guide is intended to provide to the specification writer the information to prepare a specification for the purchase of an excitation system.... Active Standard
1717-2012 - Testing Circuit Integrity Cables Using a Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test ProtocolStandardization of circuit integrity cable testing is beneficial to cable manufacturers, distributors, and users. Uniform procedures, consistent,... Active Standard
62582-3-2012 - Nuclear Power Plants - Instrumentation and control important to safety - Electrical equipment condition monitoring methods - Part 3: Elongation at breakThis standard contains methods for condition monitoring of organic and polymeric materials in instrumentation and control systems using tensile... Active Standard
C62.22a-2013 - Guide for the Application of Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating-Current Systems Amendment 1: Supplement to Consider Energy Handling CapabilitiesNew tests added to IEEE Std C62.11TM-2012: a switching surge energy capability test (thermal energy rating), a repetitive single-impulse withstand... Active Standard
C37.17-2012 - Trip Systems for Low-Voltage (1000 V and below) AC and General Purpose (1500 V and below) DC Power Circuit BreakersRequirements for direct acting current and voltage protective functions of direct-acting overcurrent electromechanical trip devices, direct-acting... Active Standard
C57.152-2013 - Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Fluid-Filled Power Transformers, Regulators, and ReactorsDiagnostic tests and measurements that are performed in the field on fluid-filled power transformers and regulators are described. Whenever... Active Standard
C37.13a-2012 - Low-Voltage AC Power Circuit Breakers Used in Enclosures Amendment 1: Increase of Voltages to 1000 V AC and BelowAmendment to IEEE Std C37.13-2008. The addition of the maximum voltages of 1058 V, 730 V and nominal voltages of 1000 V, 690 V are addressed in... Active Standard
463-2013 - Electrical Safety Practices in Electrolytic Cell Line Working ZonesMeans for improved safeguarding of personnel while operating or maintaining equipment located in electrolytic cell line working zones are provided... Active Standard
C50.13-2014 - Draft Cylindrical-Rotor 50 Hz and 60 Hz Synchronous Generators Rated 10 MVA and AboveThe requirements in this standard are applied to 50 Hz and 60 Hz, two-pole and four pole, cylindrical-rotor synchronous generators driven by steam... Active Standard
C37.63-2013 - Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry-Vault, and Submersible Automatic Line Sectionalizers for Alternating Current Systems Up to 38 kVRequired definitions, ratings, procedures for performing design tests and production tests, constructional requirements, and application... Active Standard
730-2014 - Approved Draft Software Quality Assurance ProcessesThis standard establishes requirements for initiating, planning, controlling, and executing the Software Quality Assurance processes of a software... Active Standard
1785.1-2012 - Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 110 GHz and Above—Part 1: Frequency Bands and Waveguide DimensionsSpecifications for the waveguide (including aperture dimensions, frequency range, cutoff frequency, etc.) are given in this standard. This... Active Standard
404-2012 - Extruded and Laminated Dielectric Shielded Cable Joints Rated 2.5 kV to 500 kVElectrical ratings and test requirements of cable joints used with extruded and laminated dielectric shielded cable rated in preferred voltage... Active Standard
C37.122.2-2011 - Guide for the Application of Gas-Insulated Substations 1 kV to 52 kVThe technical requirements for the design, fabrication, testing, and installation of indoor gas-insulated substations (GIS) 1 kV up to 52 kV are... Active Standard
C37.121-2012 - Guide for Switchgear - Unit Substation - RequirementsThe basis for the coordination of equipment in unit substations by assisting in the selection of components is intended as the use of this guide.... Active Standard
1453-2011 - Recommended Practice--Adoption of IEC 61000-4-15:2010, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)--Testing and measurement techniques--Flickermeter--Functional and design specificationsIEC 61000-4-15:2010 is adopted by this standard. IEC 61000-4-15:2010 gives a functional and design specification for flicker measuring apparatus... Active Standard
C57.91-2011 - Guide for Loading Mineral-Oil-Immersed Transformers and Step-Voltage RegulatorsThis guide provides recommendations for loading mineral-oil-immersed transformers and step-voltage regulators with insulation systems rated for a... Active Standard
C57.150-2012 - Guide for the Transportation of Transformers and Reactors Rated 10 000 kVA or HigherInformation for minimizing the risk of damage and delays during transportation of transformers and reactors rated 10 000 kVA or higher is provided... Active Standard
1686-2013 - Intelligent Electronic Devices Cyber Security CapabilitiesThe functions and features to be provided in intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to accommodate critical infrastructure protection programs are... Active Standard
C37.012-2014 - Approved Draft Guide for the Application of Capacitance Current Switching for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Above 1000 VGuidance for the application of ac high-voltage circuit breakers is provided. The application guide addresses the general theory of capacitance... Active Standard
C57.116-2014 - Approved Draft Guide for Transformers Directly Connected to GeneratorsThis guide provides information on the selection and application considerations for the unit power transformer and unit auxiliaries power... Active Standard
C93.4-2012 - Power-Line Carrier Line-Tuning Equipment (30 kHz to 500 kHz) Associated with Power Transmission LinesPower-line carrier (PLC) line-tuning equipment connected between the coupling capacitors and PLC transmitter/receiver terminals operating in the... Active Standard
C37.20.3-2013 - Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear (1 kV–38 kV)Metal-enclosed interrupter (MEI) switchgear assemblies containing, but not limited to, such devices as interrupter switches; selector switches;... Active Standard
C37.20.4-2013 - Indoor AC Switches (1 kV to 38 kV) for Use in Metal-Enclosed SwitchgearIndoor ac medium-voltage switches for use in enclosures for application in power circuits at voltages above 1 kV through 38 kV are covered in this... Active Standard
C57.154-2012 - the Design, Testing, and Application of Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers Using High-Temperature Insulation Systems and Operating at Elevated TemperaturesAll liquid-immersed distribution, power, and regulating transformers that are designed to operate at temperatures that exceed the normal thermal... Active Standard
789-2013 - Standard Performance Requirements for Communications and Control Cables for Application in High-Voltage EnvironmentsInformation to assist in determining the electrical parameters of communication and control cables necessary to improve the overall reliability of... Active Standard
62271-37-082-2012 - High-voltage switchgear and controlgear -Part 37-082: Standard practice for the measurement of sound pressure levels on alternating current circuit-breakersThis standard provides methods for the measurement of sound pressure level produced by outdoor alternating current circuit-breakers in a free... Active Standard
1202-2006/Cor 1-2012 - Flame-Propagation Testing of Wire and Cable - Corrigendum 1Corrected English unit conversions are included in this corrigendum to IEEE Std 1202-2006. Active Standard
487.4-2013 - the Electrical Protection of Communication Facilities Serving Electric Supply Locations Through the Use of Neutralizing TransformersEngineering design procedures for the electrical protection of communication facilities serving electric supply locations through the use of... Active Standard
487.5-2013 - the Electrical Protection of Communication Facilities Serving Electric Supply Locations Through the Use of Isolation TransformersEngineering design procedures for the electrical protection of communication facilities serving electric supply locations through the use of... Active Standard
C37.60-2012 - /IEC High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 111: Automatic circuit reclosers and fault interrupters for alternating current systems up to 38 kVThis part of IEC 62271 applies to all overhead, pad mounted, dry vault and submersible single or multi-pole alternating current automatic circuit... Active Standard
C57.134-2013 - Guide for Determination of Hottest-Spot Temperature in Dry-Type TransformersMethodologies for determination of the steady-state winding hottest-spot temperature in dry-type distribution and power transformers with... Active Standard