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1248-1998 - Guide for the Commissioning of Electrical Systems in Hydroelectric Power PlantsInspection procedures and tests for use following the completion of the installation of components and systems through to commercial operation of... Active Standard
1249-1996 - Guide for Computer-Based Control for Hydroelectric Power Plant AutomationThe application, design concepts and implementation of computer-based control systems for hydroelectric power plant automation is addressed.... Superseded Standard
1250-1995 - Guide for Service to Equipment Sensitive to Momentary Voltage DisturbancesComputers, computer-like products, and equipment using solid-state power conversion have created entirely new areas of power quality... Superseded Standard
1250-2011 - Guide for Identifying and Improving Voltage Quality in Power SystemsThe use of some electrical equipment attached to typical power systems creates voltage quality concerns. There is an increasing awareness that... Active Standard
1255-2000 - Guide for Evaluation of Torque Pulsations During Starting of Synchronous MotorsA uniform method for calculating and measuring torque pulsations that occur during starting of synchronous motors is provided. Synchronous motors,... Active Standard
1260-1996 - Guide on the Prediction, Measurement, and Analysis of AM Broadcast Reradiation by Power LinesIn this IEEE standard a set of procedures to be followed to cope with reradiation of AM broadcast signals from power lines and other large... Active Standard
1262-1995 - Recommended Practice for Qualification of Photovoltaic (PV) ModulesRecommended procedures and specifications for qualification tests that are structured to evaluate terrestrial flat-plate photovoltaic... Withdrawn Standard
1264-1993 - Guide for Animal Deterrents for Electric Power Supply SubstationsMethods and designs to mitigate interruptions and equipment damage resulting from animal intrusions into electric power supply substations thereby... Active Standard
1267-1999 - Guide for Development of Specification for Turnkey Substation ProjectsThe technical requirements to engineer, design, specify, fabricate, manufacture, furnish, install, test, commission, and provide as-built... Active Standard
1268-1997 - Guide for the Safe Installation of Mobile Substation EquipmentInformation pertaining to the installation of mobile substation equipment up to 230 kV is provided in this IEEE Standard. Superseded Standard
1268-2005 - Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation EquipmentInformation pertaining to the installation of mobile substation equipment up to 245 kV is provided Active Standard
1276-1997 - Guide for the Application of High-Temperature Insulation Materials in Liquid-Immersed Power TransformersTechnical information is provided related to liquid-immersed power transformers insulated with high-temperature materials. Guidelines for applying... Active Standard
1277-2000 - Standard General Requirements and Test Code for Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed Smoothing Reactors for DC Power TransmissionThe electrical, mechanical, and physical requirements of oil-immersed and dry-type air core smoothing reactors for high-voltage direct current ... Superseded Standard
1277-2010 - Standard General Requirements and Test Code for Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed Smoothing Reactors for DC Power TransmissionThe electrical, mechanical, and physical requirements of oil-immersed and dry-type aircore smoothing reactors for high-voltage direct current ... Active Standard
1283-2004 - Guide for Determining the Effects of High Temperature Operation on Conductors, Connectors, and AccessoriesThe purpose of this guide is to provide general recommendations for consideration when designing new overhead transmission lines that will be... Superseded Standard
1286-1997 - 4.76 kV to 38 kV Rated Grounding and Testing Devices Used in EnclosuresDrawout type grounding and testing (G&T) devices for use in medium-voltage metal-clad switchgear rated above 4.76 kV through 38 kV are covered... Superseded Standard
1289-1998 - Guide for the Application of Human Factors Engineering in the Design of Computer-Based Monitoring and Control Displays for Nuclear Power Generating StationsSystem design considerations, information display and control techniques for use with computer-based displays, and human factors engineering... Active Standard
1290-1996 - Guide for Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Motor Application, Protection, Control, and Testing in Nuclear Power Generating StationsMotors used to drive valve operators in nuclear power generating stations are discussed. Guidelines to evaluate the adequecy of motors used to... Active Standard
1291-1993 - Guide for Partial Discharge Measurement in Power SwitchgearThis guide defines methods of measuring partial discharges that may occur in energized power switchgear apparatus in flaws, voids, and interfaces... Withdrawn Standard
1299-1996 - Guide for the Connection of Surge Arresters to Protect Insulated, Shielded Electric Power Cable SystemsThis guide suggests surge arrester installation methods at distribution cable terminal poles in order to minimize the total impressed transient... Active Standard
1300-1996 - Guide for Cable Connections for Gas-Insulated SubstationsIn this IEEE standard the coordination of design, material supply, installation, and test procedures required for the connection of a gas... Superseded Standard
1300-2011 - Guide for Cable Connections for Gas-Insulated SubstationsThis guide establishes typical dimensions for connections of a gas-insulated substation (GIS) to extruded, self contained fluid-filled, and high... Active Standard
1303-1994 - Guide for Static Var Compensator Field TestsGeneral guidelines and criteria for the field testing of static Var compensators (SVCs), before they are placed in-service, for the purpose of... Superseded Standard
1307-1996 - Trial Use Guide for Fall Protection for the Utility IndustryIn this IEEE standard general recommendations for fall protection and worker protection are provided. Sufficient details of the methods, equipment... Superseded Standard
1307-2004 - Fall Protection for Utility WorkGeneral recommendations for fall protection and worker protection are provided. Sufficient details of the methods, equipment, and training... Active Standard
1308-1994 - Recommended Practice for Instrumentation: Specifications for Magnetic Flux Density and Electric Field Strength Meters - 10 Hz to 3 kHzSpecifications that should be provided to characterize instrumentation used to measure the steady state RMS value of magnetic and electric fields... Active Standard
1310-1996 - Recommended Practice for Thermal Cycle Testing of Form-Wound Stator Bars and Coils for Large GeneratorsIn this IEEE standard a test method to determine the relative ability of high-voltage, form-wound stator bars and coils of large rotating machines... Superseded Standard
1312-1993 - Standard Preferred Voltage Ratings for Alternating-Current Electrical Systems and Equipment Operating at Voltages Above 230 kV NominalPreferred voltage ratings above 230 kV nominal for alternating-current (ac) systems and equipment are provided, along with definitions of various... Withdrawn Standard
1313-1993 - Power Systems - Insulation CoordinationEquipment for three-phase alternating-current (ac) systems having a system voltage above 1 kV nominal is discussed. Except for some definitions,... Superseded Standard
1313.1-1996 - Insulation Coordination - Definitions, Principles and RulesIn this IEEE standard the procedure for selection of the withstand voltages for equipment phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase insulation systems is... Superseded Standard
1313.2-1999 - Guide for the Application of Insulation CoordinationThe calculation method for selection of phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase insulation withstand voltages for equipment is presented. This guide... Active Standard
1325-1996 - Recommended Practice for Reporting Field Failure Data for Power Circuit BreakersA format is presented that provides a concise and meaningful method for recording pertinent information on power circuit breaker field failures.... Superseded Standard
1333-1994 - Guide for Installation of Cable Using the Guided Boring MethodIn this IEEE standard the method and equipment involved in proper and economical installation of insulated conductors and/or conduits using the... Withdrawn Standard
1344-1995 - Synchrophasors for Power SystemsThe synchronizing input and the data output for phasor measurements made by substation computer systems is discussed. Processes involved in... Superseded Standard
1346-1998 - Recommended Practice for Evaluating Electric Power System Compatibility With Electronic Process EquipmentA standard methodology for the technical and financial analysis of voltage sag compatibility between process equipment and electric power systems... Withdrawn Standard
1349-2001 - Guide for Application of Electric Motors in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) LocationsThis guide was developed to assist individuals, organizations, and suppliers with the application of motors in Class I, Division 2 locations,... Superseded Standard