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1661-2007 - Guide for Test and Evaluation of Lead-Acid Batteries Used in Photovoltaic (PV) Hybrid Power SystemsThis guide is specifically prepared for a PV/engine generator hybrid power system, but may also be applicable to all hybrid power systems where... Active Standard
1665-2009 - Guide for the Rewind of Synchronous Generators, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, Rated 1 MVA and AboveThe general parameters for this guide apply to 50 Hz or 60 Hz synchronous generators driven by reciprocating engines, steam turbines, combustion... Active Standard
1675-2008 - Broadband Over Powerline HardwareTesting and verification standards for the commonly used hardware, primarily couplers, and enclosures, for broadband over power line (BPL)... Active Standard
1676-2010 - Guide for Control Architecture for High Power Electronics (1 MW and Greater) Used in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution SystemsControl architecture for high-power electronics from power semiconductor device levels to the power system level is defined and characterized.... Active Standard
1679-2010 - Recommended Practice for the Characterization and Evaluation of Emerging Energy Storage Technologies in Stationary ApplicationsRecommended information for an objective evaluation of an emerging energy storage device or system by a potential user for any stationary... Active Standard
1682-2011 - Qualifying Fiber Optic Cables, Connections, and Optical Fiber Splices for Use in Safety Systems in Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard provides general requirements, directions, and methods for qualifying fiber optic cables, connections, and optical fiber splices for... Active Standard
1686-2007 - Substation Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) Cyber Security CapabilitiesThe functions and features to be provided in substation intelligent electronic devices (lEDs) to accommodate critical infrastructure protection... Superseded Standard
1686-2013 - Intelligent Electronic Devices Cyber Security CapabilitiesThe functions and features to be provided in intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to accommodate critical infrastructure protection programs are... Active Standard
1692-2011 - Guide for the Protection of Communication Installations from Lightning EffectsThe document addresses methods and practices necessary to reduce the risk of damages to communications equipment within structures arising from... Active Standard
1707-2015 - Approved Draft Recommended Practice for the Investigation of Events at Nuclear FacilitiesThis document provides common terminology and recommended practices for initiating and conducting event investigations, analyzing data, producing... Active Standard
1711-2010 - Trial-Use a Cryptographic Protocol for Cyber Security of Substation Serial LinksA cryptographic protocol to provide integrity, and optional confidentiality, for cyber security of serial links is defined in this trial use... Withdrawn Standard
1717-2012 - Testing Circuit Integrity Cables Using a Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test ProtocolStandardization of circuit integrity cable testing is beneficial to cable manufacturers, distributors, and users. Uniform procedures, consistent,... Active Standard
1718-2012 - Guide for Temperature Monitoring of Cable SystemsThe various existing technologies that are used or can be used to monitor the temperature of cable systems are reviewed in this guide. The... Active Standard
1724-2011 - Guide for the Preparation of a Transmission Line Design Criteria DocumentA suggested outline for information that should be included in a design criteria for overhead transmission lines is presented in this guide. This... Active Standard
1725-2006 - Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular TelephonesThis standard establishes criteria for design analysis for quality and establishes criteria for reliability of rechargeable Li-Ion and Li-Ion... Superseded Standard
1725-2011 - Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular TelephonesCriteria for design analysis for qualification, quality, and reliability of rechargeable lithium ion and lithium ion polymer batteries for... Active Standard
1726-2013 - Guide for the Functional Specification of Fixed-Series Capacitor Banks for Transmission System ApplicationsGeneral guidelines toward the preparations of a functional specification of transmission fixed-series capacitor (FSC) banks using overvoltage... Active Standard
1727-2013 - Guide for Working Procedures on Underground Transmission Circuits with Induced VoltageInduced voltage working procedures for underground transmission circuits are established in this guide. A transmission circuit when de-energized... Active Standard
1727-2013/Cor 1-2015 - Guide for Working Procedures on Underground Transmission Circuits with Induced Voltage -- Corrigendum 1Induced voltage working procedures for underground transmission circuits are established in this guide. A transmission circuit when de-energized... Active Standard
1729-2014 - Recommended Practice for Electric Power Distribution System AnalysisThe aim of this recommended practice is to expand the use of IEEE power distribution test feeders into a broader space of software developers,... Active Standard
1775-2010 - Power Line Communication Equipment--Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements--Testing and Measurement MethodsElectromagnetic compatibility (EMC) criteria and consensus test and measurements procedures for broadband over power line (BPL) communication... Active Standard
1776-2008 - Recommended Practice for Thermal Evaluation of Unsealed or Sealed Insulation Systems for AC Electric Machinery Employing Form-Wound Pre-Insulated Stator Coils for Machines Rated 15 000 V and BelowA test procedure (Combination of IEEE Std 275™-1992 and IEEE Std 429™-1994) for comparing two or more insulation systems in accordance with their... Active Standard
1782-2014 - Guide for Collecting, Categorizing, and Utilizing Information Related to Electric Power Distribution Interruption EventsReliability of electric power systems remains an important societal issue. While transmission disturbances draw national attention and scrutiny,... Active Standard
1785.1-2012 - Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 110 GHz and Above—Part 1: Frequency Bands and Waveguide DimensionsSpecifications for the waveguide (including aperture dimensions, frequency range, cutoff frequency, etc.) are given in this standard. This... Active Standard
1786-2011 - Guide for Human Factors Applications of Computerized Operating Procedure Systems (COPS) at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear FacilitiesThe application of computerized operating procedure systems (COPS), their design (i.e., form and function), and use is presented in this guide. Active Standard
1792-2011 - Recommended Practice for Nuclear Power Generating Station (NPGS) Preferred Power Supply (PPS) ReliabilityThis recommended practice addresses activities related to preferred power supply (PPS) reliability, including design considerations, analytical... Active Standard
1793-2012 - Guide for Planning and Designing Transition Facilities between Overhead and Underground Transmission LinesCareful consideration of the physical and electrical characteristics of overhead lines and transmission cables are necessary in designing a... Active Standard
1799-2012 - Recommended Practice for Quality Control Testing of External Discharges on Stator Coils, Bars, and WindingsThe procedure for quality control testing of external discharges on stator coils, bars and windings of large air-cooled ac electric machines is... Active Standard
1808-2011 - Guide for Collecting and Managing Transmission Line Inspection and Maintenance DataReference information to assist electric utilities and their contractors with the development of computer-based means for collecting and managing... Active Standard
1812-2014 - Trial-Use Guide for Testing Permanent Magnet MachinesContained in this trial-use guide are instructions for conducting tests to determine the performance characteristics and machine parameters of... Active Standard
1815-2010 - Electric Power Systems Communications -- Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)The DNP3 protocol structure, functions, and application alternatives and the corresponding conformance test procedures are specified. In addition... Superseded Standard
1815-2012 - Electric Power Systems Communications-Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)The DNP3 protocol structure, functions, and interoperable application options (subset levels) are specified. The simplest application level is... Active Standard
1816-2013 - Guide for Preparation Techniques of Extruded Dielectric, Shielded Cables Rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV and the Installation of Mating AccessoriesAccepted best industry practices for the preparation of extruded dielectric shielded medium voltage cables rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV for the... Active Standard
1835-2014 - NACE International and Joint Standard Practice for Atmospheric (Above Grade) Corrosion Control of Existing Electric Transmission, Distribution, and Substation Structures by Coating SystemsThis standard provides a procedure that shall be used to (1) assess structures for atmospheric corrosion; (2) assess the level of risk to the... Active Standard
1839-2014 - NACE International and Joint Standard Practice for Below-Grade Corrosion Control of Transmission, Distribution, and Substation Structures by Coating Repair SystemsThis NACE/IEEE joint standard provides general coating repair guidelines for in-service carbon steel and galvanized steel electric transmission... Active Standard
1860-2014 - Guide for Voltage Regulation and Reactive Power Compensation at 1000 kV AC and AboveThis guide applies to voltage and reactive power control in 1000 kV and above ac systems. It establishes criteria and requirements for electric... Active Standard
1861-2014 - Guide for On-Site Acceptance Tests of Electrical Equipment and System Commissioning of 1000 kV AC and AboveOn-site acceptance tests of ultra-high-voltage power equipment are subject to this guide. Criteria and requirements for test items, conditions,... Active Standard
1862-2014 - Recommended Practice for Overvoltage and Insulation Coordination of Transmission Systems at 1000 kV AC and AboveThis recommended practice specifies the procedure for selection of insulation levels of UHV AC transmission lines and substations. It also... Active Standard
1895-2014 - NACE International and Joint Standard Practice for Below-Grade Inspection and Assessment of Corrosion on Steel Transmission, Distribution, and Substation StructuresThis NACE/IEEE joint standard provides requirements to (1) help electric utilities identify structures that may be at a high risk for below-grade... Active Standard
2030-2011 - Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS), End-Use Applications, and LoadsIEEE Std 2030 provides alternative approaches and best practices for achieving smart grid interoperability. It is the first all-encompassing IEEE... Active Standard