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1591.1-2012 - Testing and Performance of Hardware for Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)Hardware performance, test requirements, procedures, and acceptance criteria for a transmission line overhead ground wire (also known as shield... Active Standard
1591.3-2011 - Qualifying Hardware for Helically-Applied Fiber Optic Cable Systems (WRAP Cable)The purpose of this standard is to establish performance and testing specifications for hardware used on WRAP CABLE systems in order to... Active Standard
1594-2008 - Helically Applied Fiber Optic Cable Systems (Wrap Cable) for Use on Overhead Utility LinesThis standard covers an all-dielectric fiber optic (wrap) cable designed to be helically wrapped around a conductor or other messenger on overhead... Active Standard
1601-2010 - Trial-Use Optical AC Current and Voltage Sensing SystemsThe performance of optical current and voltage measurement systems used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of alternating current... Withdrawn Standard
1610-2007 - Guide for the Application of Faulted Circuit Indicators for 200 / 600 A, Three-phase Underground DistributionThis application guide provides information on what a FCI is designed to do and describes methods for selecting FCIs for three-phase, 200 / 600... Active Standard
1613-2003 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power SubstationsIEEE 1613 is the IEEE standard for the environmental and testing requirements for communications networking devices in electric power substations.... Superseded Standard
1613-2009 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Electric Power SubstationsService conditions, electrical ratings, thermal ratings, and environmental testing requirements are defined for communications networking devices... Active Standard
1613.1-2013 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Transmission and Distribution FacilitiesEnvironmental testing requirements are defined for communications networking devices to be installed in transmission and distribution facilities.... Active Standard
1613a-2008 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power Substations Amendment 1: Add Requirements for Altitude and Altitude Derating FactorsThis amendment adds requirements to IEEE Std 1613-2003 relating to the altitude of installed communications networking devices, and the derating... Superseded Standard
1615-2007 - Recommended Practice for Network Communication in Electric Power SubstationsRecommended practices for communication and interoperation of devices connected on an electric power substation Internet protocol (IP) network are... Active Standard
1617-2007 - Guide for Detection, Mitigation, and Control of Concentric Neutral Corrosion in Medium-Voltage Underground CablesThis guide provides a summary of the methods for detection, mitigation, and control of concentric neutral corrosion in medium-voltage, unjacketed,... Active Standard
1623-2004 - Guide for the Functional Specification of Medium Voltage (1 kV - 35 kV) Electronic Shunt Devices for Dynamic Voltage CompensationThis document provides general guidelines for the preparation of a functional specification for solid-state electronic shunt devices used mainly... Active Standard
1625-2004 - Rechargeable Batteries for Portable ComputersGuidance for the designer/manufacturer/supplier in planning and implementing controls for the design and manufacture of lithium-ion (Li-ion) and... Superseded Standard
1625-2004 - Rechargeable Batteries for Portable ComputingGuidance for the designer/manufacturer/supplier in planning and implementing controls for the design and manufacture of lithium-ion (Li-ion) and... Superseded Standard
1625-2008 - Rechargeable Batteries for Multi-Cell Mobile Computing DevicesThis standard guides manufacturers/suppliers in planning and implementing the controls for the design and manufacture of lithium-ion (Li-ion) and... Active Standard
1635-2012 - /ASHRAE Guide for the Ventilation and Thermal Management of Batteries for Stationary ApplicationsVented lead-acid (VLA), valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA), and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) stationary battery installations are discussed in this guide,... Active Standard
1637-2010 - Guide to Select Terminations for Shielded Alternating-Current Power Cable Rated 5 kV - 46 kVA step-by-step process for selecting an appropriate termination that is commensurate with a particular shielded power cable design is provided in... Active Standard
1646-2004 - Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation AutomationA standard defining communication delivery times of information to be exchanged within and external to substation integrated protection, control,... Active Standard
1651-2010 - Guide for Reducing Bird-Related OutagesMethods, techniques, and designs to mitigate bird-related power interruptions and equipment damage resulting from avian interactions with electric... Active Standard
1654-2009 - Guide for RF Protection of Personnel Working in the Vicinity of Wireless Communications Antennas Attached to Electric Power Line StructuresInformation on establishing an effective safety program to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations for radio frequency (RF) protection... Active Standard
1656-2010 - Guide for Testing the Electrical, Mechanical, and Durability Performance of Wildlife Protective Devices on Overhead Power Distribution Systems Rated up to 38 kVThis guide is applicable to wildlife protective products installed on overhead electrical distribution systems rated up to and including 38 kV.... Active Standard
1657-2009 - Recommended Practice for Personnel Qualifications for Installation and Maintenance of Stationary BatteriesThis recommended practice defines the areas of recommended knowledge for installers and maintainers of stationary batteries and related systems to... Active Standard
1660-2008 - Guide for Application and Management of Stationary Batteries Used in Cycling ServiceA stationary battery can be operated in two basic modes: 1) standby (or float) and 2) cycling. Many standards developed for standby stationary... Active Standard
1661-2007 - Guide for Test and Evaluation of Lead-Acid Batteries Used in Photovoltaic (PV) Hybrid Power SystemsThis guide is specifically prepared for a PV/engine generator hybrid power system, but may also be applicable to all hybrid power systems where... Active Standard
1665-2009 - Guide for the Rewind of Synchronous Generators, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, Rated 1 MVA and AboveThe general parameters for this guide apply to 50 Hz or 60 Hz synchronous generators driven by reciprocating engines, steam turbines, combustion... Active Standard
1675-2008 - Broadband Over Powerline HardwareTesting and verification standards for the commonly used hardware, primarily couplers, and enclosures, for broadband over power line (BPL)... Active Standard
1676-2010 - Guide for Control Architecture for High Power Electronics (1 MW and Greater) Used in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution SystemsControl architecture for high-power electronics from power semiconductor device levels to the power system level is defined and characterized.... Active Standard
1679-2010 - Recommended Practice for the Characterization and Evaluation of Emerging Energy Storage Technologies in Stationary ApplicationsRecommended information for an objective evaluation of an emerging energy storage device or system by a potential user for any stationary... Active Standard
1682-2011 - Qualifying Fiber Optic Cables, Connections, and Optical Fiber Splices for Use in Safety Systems in Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard provides general requirements, directions, and methods for qualifying fiber optic cables, connections, and optical fiber splices for... Active Standard
1686-2007 - Substation Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) Cyber Security CapabilitiesThe functions and features to be provided in substation intelligent electronic devices (lEDs) to accommodate critical infrastructure protection... Superseded Standard
1686-2013 - Intelligent Electronic Devices Cyber Security CapabilitiesThe functions and features to be provided in intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to accommodate critical infrastructure protection programs are... Active Standard
1692-2011 - Guide for the Protection of Communication Installations from Lightning EffectsThe document addresses methods and practices necessary to reduce the risk of damages to communications equipment within structures arising from... Active Standard
1711-2010 - Trial-Use a Cryptographic Protocol for Cyber Security of Substation Serial LinksA cryptographic protocol to provide integrity, and optional confidentiality, for cyber security of serial links is defined in this trial use... Withdrawn Standard
1717-2012 - Testing Circuit Integrity Cables Using a Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test ProtocolStandardization of circuit integrity cable testing is beneficial to cable manufacturers, distributors, and users. Uniform procedures, consistent,... Active Standard
1718-2012 - Guide for Temperature Monitoring of Cable SystemsThe various existing technologies that are used or can be used to monitor the temperature of cable systems are reviewed in this guide. The... Active Standard
1724-2011 - Guide for the Preparation of a Transmission Line Design Criteria DocumentA suggested outline for information that should be included in a design criteria for overhead transmission lines is presented in this guide. This... Active Standard
1725-2006 - Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular TelephonesThis standard establishes criteria for design analysis for quality and establishes criteria for reliability of rechargeable Li-Ion and Li-Ion... Superseded Standard
1725-2011 - Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular TelephonesCriteria for design analysis for qualification, quality, and reliability of rechargeable lithium ion and lithium ion polymer batteries for... Active Standard