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308-1971 - Standard Criteria for Class IE Electric Systems for Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard applies to those parts of the electric systems in stationery single-unit and multi-unit land-based nuclear power generating stations... Superseded Standard
C37.20.7-2007/Cor 1-2010 - Guide for Testing Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Rated up to 38 kV for Internal Arcing Faults Corrigendum 1This corrigendum corrects technical errors found in IEEE Std C37.20.7-2007 during use in laboratories concerning current values and arc initiation... Active Standard
765-2012 - Preferred Power Supply (PPS) for Nuclear Power Generating Stations (NPGS)The design criteria of the preferred power supply (PPS) and its interfaces with the Class 1E power system, switchyard, transmission system, and... Active Standard
516-2009 - Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energized Power LinesGeneral recommendations for performing maintenance work on energized power lines are provided. Technical explanations as required to cover certain... Active Standard
1234-2007 - Guide for Fault Locating Techniques on Shielded Power Cable SystemsTests and measurements that are performed on shielded power cables to identify the location of a fault are described. Whenever possible, the... Active Standard
497-2010 - Standard Criteria for Accident Monitoring Instrumentation for Nuclear Power Generating StationsCriteria are established in this standard for variable selection, performance, design, and qualification of accident monitoring instrumentation,... Active Standard
433-2009 - Recommended Practice for Insulation Testing™ of AC Electric Machinery with High Voltage at Very Low FrequencyThis recommended practice describes very low frequency withstand and diagnostic tests that are performed on the stator windings of ac electric... Active Standard
C57.12.10-2010 - Standard Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Power TransformersThis standard sets forth the requirements for power transformer application. This standard is intended to be used as a basis for performance,... Active Standard
1808-2011 - Guide for Collecting and Managing Transmission Line Inspection and Maintenance DataReference information to assist electric utilities and their contractors with the development of computer-based means for collecting and managing... Active Standard
1410-2010 - Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Electric Power Overhead Distribution LinesFactors that contribute to lightning-caused faults on the line insulation of overhead distribution lines and suggested improvements to existing... Active Standard
1511.1-2010 - Guide for Investigating and Analyzing Shielded Power Cable Failures on Systems Rated 5 kV Through 46 kVThis guide covers specific methods of failure mode classifications and analysis for shielded power cables rated 5 kV through 46 kV. Active Standard
C37.122.5-2013 - Guide for Moisture Measurement and Control in SF6 Gas-Insulated EquipmentGuidelines for moisture level measurement, moisture data interpretation, and moisture control in gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) are provided. Active Standard
C37.122.6-2013 - Recommended Practice for the Interface of New Gas-Insulated Equipment in Existing Gas-Insulated Substations Rated above 52 kVRecommendations for the connection of gas-insulated substation to another gas-insulated substation of a different make or design are given. IEEE... Active Standard
C37.48.1-2011 - Guide for the Application, Operation, and Coordination of High-Voltage (>1000 V) Current-Limiting FusesA tutorial style document that provides additional guidelines, beyond those in IEEE C37.48(TM), for the application and coordination of high... Active Standard
C37.09b-2010 - Standard Test Procedure for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis -- Amendment 2: To Change the Description of Transient Recovery Voltage for Harmonization with IEC 62271-100The descriptions of the standard transient recovery voltage (TRV) envelopes and ratings are changed in this amendment. This is applicable for ac... Active Standard
C37.47-2011 - Standard Specifications for High-Voltage (>1000 V) Distribution Class Current-Limiting Type Fuses and Fuse Disconnecting SwitchesSpecifications for high-voltage (>1000 V) distribution class current-limiting fuses and fuse disconnecting switches, and associated accessories... Active Standard
C57.131-2012 - Standard Requirements for Tap ChangersThis standard covers electrical and mechanical performance and test requirements for tap changers installed in voltage regulating power and... Active Standard
4-2013 - High-Voltage Testing TechniquesStandard methods and basic techniques for high-voltage testing applicable to all types of apparatus for alternating voltages, direct voltages,... Active Standard
1127-2013 - Guide for the Design, Construction, and Operation of Electric Power Substations for Community Acceptance and Environmental CompatibilitySignificant community acceptance and environmental compatibility items to be considered during the planning and design phases, the construction... Active Standard
1207-2011 - Guide for the Application of Turbine Governing Systems for Hydroelectric Generating UnitsThis guide is intended to complement IEEE Std 125, providing application details and addressing the impact of plant and system features on... Active Standard
1725-2011 - Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular TelephonesCriteria for design analysis for qualification, quality, and reliability of rechargeable lithium ion and lithium ion polymer batteries for... Active Standard
C37.011-2011 - Guide for the Application of Transient Recovery Voltage for AC High-Voltage Circuit BreakersProcedures and calculations necessary to apply the standard transient recovery voltage (TRV) ratings for ac high-voltage circuit breakers rated... Active Standard
C57.96-2013 - Guide for Loading Dry-Type Distribution and Power TransformersGeneral recommendations for the loading of dry-type distribution and power transformers installed in ventilated, non-ventilated, and sealed type... Active Standard
43-2013 - Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Electric MachineryThe dc voltage tests procedures for the measurement of the insulation resistance and polarization index of insulated stator, and rotor windings... Active Standard
450-2010 - Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of Vented Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary ApplicationsMaintenance, test schedules, and testing procedures that can be used to optimize the life and performance of permanently installed, vented lead... Active Standard
C57.12.00-2010 - General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating TransformersElectrical and mechanical requirements for liquid-immersed distribution and power transformers, and autotransformers and regulating transformers;... Active Standard
400.2-2013 - Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency (VLF)(less than 1 Hz)Very low frequency (VLF) withstand and other diagnostic tests and measurements that are performed using VLF energization in the field on shielded... Active Standard
C135.80-2012 - Fasteners for Overhead Line ConstructionThe requirements of inch-based: (1) zinc-coated ferrous carriage bolts, machine bolts, double-arming bolts, double-end bolts, washer-head bolts,... Active Standard
C135.90-2014 - Approved Draft Pole Line Hardware for Overhead Line ConstructionThis standard covers the requirements of inch-based wood pole line hardware commonly used in overhead line construction. Metric pole line hardware... Active Standard
308-2012 - Standard Criteria for Class 1E Power Systems for Nuclear Power Generating StationsClass 1E portions of ac and dc power systems and I&C power systems in single-unit and multiunit nuclear power generating stations are covered... Active Standard
338-2012 - Criteria for the Periodic Surveillance Testing of Nuclear Power Generating Station SafetyThe standard provides criteria for the performance of periodic surveillance testing of nuclear power generating station safety systems. The scope... Active Standard
C62.36-2014 - Approved Draft Test Methods for Surge Protectors Used in Low-Voltage Data, Communications, and Signaling CircuitsThis standard applies to surge protectors for application on multiconductor balanced or unbalanced data, communications, and signaling circuits... Active Standard
1018-2013 - Recommended Practice for Specifying Electric Submersible Pump Cable—Ethylene-Propylene Rubber InsulationMinimum requirements for the design, construction, manufacturing, testing, purchasing, and application of electric submersible pump (ESP) cable... Active Standard
7-4.3.2-2010 - Standard Criteria for Digital Computers in Safety Systems of Nuclear Power Generating StationsAdditional computer specific requirements to supplement the criteria and requirements of IEEE Std 603-2009 are specified. Within the context of... Active Standard
933-2013 - Guide for the Definition of Reliability Program Plans for Nuclear Generating Stations and Other Nuclear FacilitiesGuidelines for the definition of a reliability program at nuclear generating stations and other nuclear facilities are provided. The document... Active Standard
1036-2010 - Guide for the Application of Shunt Power CapacitorsThis guide applies to the use of 50 Hz and 60 Hz shunt power capacitor units rated 2400 Vac and above, and assemblies of such capacitors. Included... Active Standard
1635-2012 - /ASHRAE Guide for the Ventilation and Thermal Management of Batteries for Stationary ApplicationsVented lead-acid (VLA), valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA), and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) stationary battery installations are discussed in this guide,... Active Standard
C37.122-2010 - High Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations Rated Above 52 kVThe technical requirements for the design, fabrication, testing, and installation of a gasinsulated substations are covered. The parameters to be... Active Standard
420-2013 - the Design and Qualification of Class 1E Control Boards, Panels, and Racks Used in Nuclear Power Generating StationsThis standard specifies the design requirements for new and/or modified Class 1E control boards, panels, and racks and establishes the methods to... Active Standard