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Power and Energy Standards

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Power and Energy Standards
1-2000 - IEEE Recommended Practice - General Principles for Temperature Limits in the Rating of Electrical Equipment and for the Evaluation of Electrical InsulationThis recommended practice is intended to serve in the preparation of standards that areprincipally concerned with the thermal endurance ... active Standard
4-2013 - IEEE Standard for High-Voltage Testing TechniquesStandard methods and basic techniques for high-voltage testing applicable to all types of apparatus for alternating voltages, direct vol ... active Standard
9-1927 - AIEE Induction Motors and Induction Machines in GeneralThe standards in this section apply to the following types of rotating machines: 1. Induction motors larger than fractional horse power ... withdrawn Standard
11-2000 - IEEE Standard for Rotating Electric Machinery for Rail and Road VehiclesThis standard applies to rotating electric machinery which forms part of the propulsion and major auxiliary equipment on internally and ... active Standard
12-1934 - AIEE Standards for Constant Current Transformers of the Moving Coil TypeThe standards of this section apply to constant current transformers of the moving coil type.Standards for other types of transformers a ... withdrawn Standard
18-2012 - IEEE Standard for Shunt Power CapacitorsPower capacitors rated 216 V or higher, 2.5 kvar or more, and designed for shunt connection to alternating-current transmission and dist ... active Standard
19-1943 - AIEE Standards for Alternating Current Power Circuit BreakersThese standards apply to all indoor and outdoor types of alternating-current power circuit breakers rated in excess of 6G0 volts withdrawn Standard
22A-1962 - IEEE Guide for the Application of Interrupter Switches to Switch Capacitance LoadsUsual Temperature and Altitude Service Conditions-Equipment conforming to this Standard shall be suitable for operation at its standard ... withdrawn Standard
29-1941 - American Standards for Wet TestIt is the purpose of this recommendation to establish a general standard method for use in making high-potential wet tests on insulators ... withdrawn Standard
30-1944 - AIEE American Standard Definitions and General Standards for Wire and CableThese standards include definitions and standards of a general character which are applicable to wires and cables for power purposes. Th ... withdrawn Standard
32-1972 - IEEE Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Procedures for Neutral Grounding DevicesIEEE Std 32-1972 (Reaff 1990); IEEE Standard Requirements, Terminology, and Test Procedures for Neutral Grounding Devices. This standard ... active Standard
36-1928 - AIEE Storage Batteries (Revised)The standards in this section apply to storage batteries of the lead-acid type and of the nickel - iron alkaline type. They are suitable ... withdrawn Standard
38-1934 - AIEE Standards for Electric Arc Welding ApparatusThe standards in this section apply to the following types of electric arc welding apparatus: (1) D-c generators (2) Motor-generator set ... withdrawn Standard
41-1944 - AIEE Insulator TestsThese standards comprise a manual of test procedures to be followed in making tests to determine the characteristics of insulators to be ... withdrawn Standard
43-2013 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Electric MachineryThe dc voltage tests procedures for the measurement of the insulation resistance and polarization index of insulated stator, and rotor w ... active Standard
45-2002 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Installations on ShipboardRecommendations for the design, selection, and installation of equipment on merchant vessels with electrical apparatus for lighting, sig ... active Standard
45.1-2017 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard--DesignRecommendations for the design of electrical power generation, distribution, propulsion, loads systems, and equipment on merchant, comme ... active Standard
45.2-2011 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard -- Controls and AutomationThe recommendations for controls, control applications, control apparatus, and automation on shipboards are established by this document ... active Standard
45.3-2015 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Shipboard Electrical Installations -- Systems EngineeringRecommendations for systems engineering, design, and integration of electrical power systems at the total ship level from concept design ... active Standard
45.5-2014 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard -- Safety ConsiderationsThis recommended practice covers electrical safety considerations for shipboard electrical systems and equipment including a review of f ... active Standard
45.6-2016 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard--Electrical TestingA consensus of recommended practices for system testing in marine electrical engineering as applied specifically to vessels, shipboard s ... active Standard
45.7-2012 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard -- AC SwitchboardsRecommendations for the design, selection, and installation of switchboards on merchant vessels with electrical apparatus for lighting, ... active Standard
45.8-2016 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard--Cable SystemsRecommendations are provided for selection, application, and installation of electrical power, signal, control, data, and specialty mari ... active Standard
47-1945 - AIEE Expulsion Type Distribution Lightning ArrestersThese Standards apply to all types of expulsion lightning arresters designed to limit voltage surges for the protection of 60 cycle dist ... withdrawn Standard
51-1955 - IEEE Guiding Principles for Dielectric TestsThe service record of electric equipment depends largely upon the performance of its insulation. Insulation failures result from various ... withdrawn Standard
52-1951 - AIEE Application Guide for Grounding of Instrument Transformer Secondary Circuits and CasesIt has been common practice for a long time in this country to ground the secondary circuits and cases of most instrument transformers u ... withdrawn Standard
53-1952 - AIEE Proposed Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Dry Transformers with Class B InsulationThis guide covers general recommendations for the operation and maintenance of indoor, openly-ventilated, dry type distribution and powe ... withdrawn Standard
54-1955 - IEEE Standard, Test Code, and Recommended Practice for Induction and Dielectric Heating EquipmentHigh-frequency heating equipments divide into two main types: (1) those used for dielectric heating, and (2) those used for induction he ... withdrawn Standard
55-1953 - IEEE Guide for Temperature Correlation in the Connection of Insulated Wire and Cables to Electronic EquipmentAlthough the standard permissible operating temperatures of various types of equipment are different for one reason or another, this cau ... withdrawn Standard
56-1977 - IEEE Guide for Insulation Maintenance of Large Alternating-Current Rotating Machinery (10,000 kVA and Larger)The purpose of this IEEE guide is to present information necessary to permit an effective evaluation of the insulation systems of large ... withdrawn Standard
56-2016 - IEEE Guide for Insulation Maintenance of Electric MachinesThis insulation maintenance guide is applicable to rotating electric machines rated from 35 kVA and higher. The procedures detailed here ... active Standard
58-1978 - IEEE Standard Induction Motor Letter SymbolsWithdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Dec 05, 1991. withdrawn Standard
59-1962 - AIEE Standard for Semiconductor Rectifier ComponentsDefinitions given herein apply specifically to semiconductor components used for rectification or control of electric power, or both. Fo ... withdrawn Standard
62-1978 - IEEE Guide for Field Testing Power Apparatus InsulationDiagnostic tests and measurements that are performed in the field on oil-immersed power transformers and regulators are described. Whene ... active Standard
62.2-2004 - IEEE Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electric Power Apparatus - Electrical MachineryThis is a guide for determining applicable tests and inspection techniques for various types of large rotating electric machines. It pro ... active Standard
63-1928 - AIEE Specifications of 30 percent Rubber Insulation for Wire and Cable for General PurposesThese specifications apply to the insulation of electric wire and cable of the grade known as 30 per cent Hevea rubber withdrawn Standard
66-1957 - AIEE Proposed Guide for Determination of Short Circuit Characteristics of Direct-Current MachineryThe purpose of this Guide is to: (a) Review the factors that affect the short circuit characteristics of direct-current machinery. (b) R ... withdrawn Standard
67-2005 - IEEE Guide for Operation and Maintenance of Turbine GeneratorsThis guide covers general recommendations for the operation, loading, and maintenance of turbine-driven synchronous generators that have ... active Standard
74-1958 - IEEE Standard Test Code for Industrial Control (600 Volts or Less)These procedures provide a uniform test method for determining the ability of a magnetic contactor to perform its opening and closing op ... active Standard