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Nuclear Power Standards

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Nuclear Power Standards
N42.44-2008 - American National Standard for the Performance of Checkpoint Cabinet X-Ray Imaging Security SystemsStandards for the technical performance of cabinet x-ray imaging systems used for screening at security checkpoints and other inspection ... active Standard
N42.45-2011 - American National Standard for Evaluating the Image Quality of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)Security-Screening SystemsTest methods and test articles for the evaluation of the image quality of CT security screening systems are provided. The quality of dat ... active Standard
N42.46-2008 - American National Standard for Determination of the Imaging Performance of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Systems for Cargo and Vehicle Security ScreeningThis standard is intended to be used to determine the imaging performance of x-ray and gamma-ray systems utilized to inspect loaded or e ... active Standard
N42.47-2010 - American National Standard for Measuring the Imaging Performance of X-ray and Gamma-ray Systems for Security Screening of HumansThis standard applies to security screening systems that utilize x-ray or gamma radiation and are used to inspect people who are not ins ... active Standard
N42.48-2008 - American National Standard Performance Requirements for Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) for Homeland SecurityDesign and performance requirements, along with testing methods, for evaluating radiation detection instruments that are pocket-sized an ... active Standard
N42.49A-2011 - American National Standard for Performance Criteria for Alarming Electronic Personal Emergency Radiation Detectors (PERDs) for Exposure ControlThis standard establishes minimum performance criteria and test requirements for four categories of alarming electronic radiation detect ... active Standard
N42.49B -2013 - American National Standard for Performance Criteria for Non-alarming Personal Emergency Radiation Detectors (PERDs) for Exposure ControlThe purpose of this standard is to specify technical performance requirements and performance testing requirements for those purchasing ... active Standard
N42.53-2013 - American National Standard Performance Criteria for Backpack-Based Radiation-Detection Systems Used for Homeland SecurityThe operational and performance requirements for backpack-based radiation-detection systems (BRDs) used in homeland security application ... active Standard
N42.54-2018 - American National Standard Instrumentation and Systems for Monitoring Airborne RadioactivityThe complexity associated with quantitative assay and monitoring of aerosols and gasses can be substantial. This standard covers system ... active Standard
N42.55-2013 - American National Standard for the Performance of Portable Transmission X-Ray Systems for Use in Improvised Explosive Device and Hazardous Device IdentificationThe purpose of this standard is to establish requirements and methods of test for portable transmission x-ray systems for use in improvi ... active Standard
N317-1980 - American National Standard Performance Criteria for Instrumentation Used for Inplant Plutonium MonitoringPerformance criteria are defined, and plutonium radiation is characterized. The specifications apply to plutonium handling and storage f ... active Standard
N320-1979 - American National Standard Performance Specifications for Reactor Emergency Radiological Monitoring InstrumentationThe essential performance parameters and general placement for monitoring the release of radionuclides associated with a postulated seri ... active Standard
N322-1997 - American National Standard Inspection,Test, Construction, and Performance Requirements for Direct Reading Electrostatic/Electroscope Type Dosimeters Inspection, test, construction and performance requirements for direct reading electrostatic/electroscope type dosimeters designed to m ... active Standard
N323C-2009 - American National Standard Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration – Air Monitoring InstrumentsThis standard establishes test and calibration requirements for air monitoring instruments used for the detection and measurement of air ... active Standard
N323D-2002 - American National Standard for Installed Radiation Protection InstrumentationRequirements for installed instruments that measure dose, dose rate, and equivalent dose or dose rate and for installed instruments that ... active Standard
N449.1-1978 - American National Standard Procedures for Periodic Inspection of Cobalt-60 and Cesium-137 Teletherapy EquipmentProcedures for the inspection of cobalt-60 and cesium-137 teletherapy equipment are suggested. Their purpose is to enable users to ident ... active Standard