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Industry Applications Standards

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Industry Applications Standards
1076.4-2000 - IEEE Standard VITAL ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Modeling SpecificationIEC 61691-5: 2004 Dual-logo document replaces IEEE Std 1076.4-2000 (Revision of IEEE Std 1076.4-1995). ... withdrawn Standard
1076.6-2004 - IEEE Standard for VHDL Register Transfer Level (RTL) SynthesisThis document specifies a standard for use of very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL) to model synthesiz ... withdrawn Standard
1100-2005 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic EquipmentThe IEEE Emerald Book(TM) presents a collection of consensus best practices for thepowering and grounding of electronic equipment used i ... active Standard
1268-2016 - IEEE Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation EquipmentInformation pertaining to the installation of mobile substation equipment up to 245 kV is provided in this guide. active Standard
1278.3-1996 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Distributed Interactive Simulation - Exercise Management and FeedbackGuidelines are established for exercise management and feedback in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) exercises. Guidance is provi ... active Standard
1278.4-2003 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Distributed Interactive Simulation -- Verification, Validation, and AccreditationGuidelines are established for the verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A) of distributed interactive simulation (DIS) exerci ... active Standard
1346-1998 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Evaluating Electric Power System Compatibility With Electronic Process EquipmentA standard methodology for the technical and financial analysis of voltage sag compatibility between process equipment and electric powe ... withdrawn Standard
1349-2011 - IEEE Guide for Application of Electric Motors in Class I, Division 2 and Class I, Zone 2 Hazardous (Classified) LocationsThree-phase and single-phase AC synchronous and induction electric motors in ratings 0.18 kW (1/4 hp) and larger are covered in this gui ... active Standard
1417-1996 - ANSI/AAMI EC13-1992 - Cardiac Monitors, Heart Rate Meters, and AlarmsThis standard establishes minimum safety and performance requirements for electrocardiographic (ECG) heart rate and waveform monitors th ... withdrawn Standard
1426-1996 - ANSI/AAMI EC11-1991 - Diagnostic Electrocardiographic DevicesThis standard establishes minimum safety and performance requirements for electrocardiographic (ECG) systems with direct working devices ... withdrawn Standard
1481-2009 - IEEE Standard for Integrated Circuit (IC) Open Library Architecture (OLA)Ways for integrated circuit designers to analyze chip timing and power consistently across a broad set of electric design automation (ED ... active Standard
1497-2001 - IEEE Standard for Standard Delay Format (SDF) for the Electronic Design ProcessIEC 61523-3: 2004 Dual-logo document. Replaces IEEE Std 1497-2001. The Standard Delay Format (SDF) is defined in this standard. SDF is a ... active Standard
1499-1998 - IEEE Standard Interface for Hardware Description Models of Electronic ComponentsThe standard interface for hardware description models of electronic components is de-fined. The primary audiences of this standard are ... withdrawn Standard
1505-2010 - IEEE Standard for Receiver Fixture InterfaceA mechanical and electrical specification for implementing a common interoperable mechanical quick-disconnect interconnect system for us ... active Standard
1647-2016 - IEEE Standard for the Functional Verification Language eThe e functional verification language is an application-specific programming language, aimed at automating the task of verifying a hard ... active Standard
1666-2011 - IEEE Standard for Standard SystemC Language Reference ManualSystemC(R) is defined in this standard. SystemC is an ANSI standard C++ class library for system and hardware design for use by designer ... active Standard
1666.1-2016 - IEEE Standard for Standard SystemC(R) Analog/Mixed-Signal Extensions Language Reference ManualThe SystemC(R) Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) extensions are defined in this standard. SystemC AMS is an ANSI standard C++ class library for ... active Standard
1685-2014 - IEEE Standard for IP-XACT, Standard Structure for Packaging, Integrating, and Reusing IP within Tool FlowsConformance checks for eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data designed to describe electronic systems are formulated by this standard. Th ... active Standard
1709-2010 - IEEE Recommended Practice for 1 kV to 35 kV Medium-Voltage DC Power Systems on ShipsGuidelines to specify, procure, design, manufacture and develop manuals, safety procedures, practices and procedures for effective maint ... active Standard
1734-2011 - IEEE Standard for Quality of Electronic and Software Intellectual Property Used in System and System on Chip (SoC) DesignsA standard XML format for representing electronic design intellectual property (IP) quality information, based on an information model f ... active Standard
1735-2014 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Encryption and Management of Electronic Design Intellectual Property (IP)Guidance on technical protection measures to those who produce, use, process, or standardize the specifications of electronic design int ... active Standard
1786-2011 - IEEE Guide for Human Factors Applications of Computerized Operating Procedure Systems (COPS) at Nuclear Power Generating Stations and Other Nuclear FacilitiesThe application of computerized operating procedure systems (COPS), their design (i.e., form and function), and use is presented in this ... active Standard
1800-2017 - IEEE Standard for SystemVerilog--Unified Hardware Design, Specification, and Verification LanguageThe definition of the language syntax and semantics for SystemVerilog, which is a unified hardware design, specification, and verificati ... active Standard
1800.2-2017 - IEEE Standard for Universal Verification Methodology Language Reference ManualThe Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) that can improve interoperability, reduce the cost of using intellectual property (IP) for ... active Standard
1801-2015 - IEEE Standard for Design and Verification of Low-Power, Energy-Aware Electronic SystemsA method is provided for specifying power intent for an electronic design, for use in verification of the structure and behavior of the ... active Standard
1850-2010 - IEEE Standard for Property Specification Language (PSL)The IEEE Property Specification Language (PSL) is defined in this standard. PSL is a formal notation for specification of electronic sys ... active Standard
1873-2015 - IEEE Standard for Robot Map Data Representation for NavigationA map data representation of environments of a mobile robot performing a navigation task is specified in this standard. It provides data ... active Standard
2401-2015 - IEEE Standard Format for LSI-Package-Board Interoperable DesignA method is provided for specifying a common interoperable format for electronic systems design. The format provides a common way to spe ... active Standard
2755-2017 - IEEE Guide for Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process AutomationAn all-new family of software-based intelligent process automation technologies has emerged recently. Because of the newness of this kin ... active Standard
3001.2-2017 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Evaluating the Electrical Service Requirements of Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsCommercial, institutional, and industrial design of electrical services, interconnecting with a utility distribution or transmission sys ... active Standard
3001.11-2017 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Application of Controllers and Automation to Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThe selection and application of controllers and automation to industrial and commercial power systems is covered by this recommended pr ... active Standard
3003.2-2014 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Equipment Grounding and Bonding in Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThe grounding and bonding of equipment in industrial and commercial power systems is covered in this recommended practice. The interconn ... active Standard
3004.1-2013 - IEEE Recommended Practice for the Application of Instrument Transformers in Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThe selection and application of instrument transformers used in industrial and commercial power systems are covered in this recommended ... active Standard
3004.8-2016 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Motor Protection in Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThe protection of motors used in industrial and commercial power systems is covered. It is likely to be of greatest value to the power-o ... active Standard
3006.3-2017 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Determining the Impact of Preventative Maintenance on the Reliability of Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsThis recommended practice describes how to determine the impact of preventive maintenance on the reliability of industrial and commercia ... active Standard
3006.9-2013 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Collecting Data for Use in Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Assessments of Industrial and Commercial Power SystemsCollection of data for use in reliability, availability, and maintainability assessments of industrial and commercial power systems is d ... active Standard
15026-2-2011 - IEEE Standard--Adoption of ISO/IEC 15026-2:2011 Systems and Software Engineering--Systems and Software Assurance--Part 2: Assurance CaseISO/IEC 15026-2:2011 is adopted by this standard. ISO/IEC 15026-2:2011 specifies minimum requirements for the structure and contents of ... active Standard
15288.1-2014 - IEEE Standard for Application of Systems Engineering on Defense ProgramsThe requirements for the application of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288, System Life Cycle Processes for defense systems engineering needs are provid ... active Standard
61523-3-2004 - IEC 61523-3 Ed.1 (IEEE Std 1497™-2001): Delay and Power Calculation Standards - Part 3: Standard Delay Format (SDF) for the Electronic Design ProcessThe Standard Delay Format (SDF) is defined in this standard. SDF is a textual file format for representing the delay and timing informat ... active Standard