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Antennas and Propagation Standards

Antennas and Propagation Standards
145-2013 - IEEE Standard for Definitions of Terms for AntennasDefinitions for antennas and for systems that incorporate an antenna as a component of the system are established in this standard. active Standard
148-1959 - IEEE Standard for Waveguide and Waveguide Component MeasurementsThis standard is concerned with measurements of the quantities which characterize a waveguide or waveguide component and the associated ... withdrawn Standard
149-1977 - IEEE Standard Test Procedures for AntennasThis standard is used throughout government, industry and academia in the area of antenna testing. It provides many of the procedures cu ... active Standard
187-2018 - IEEE Standard for Measurement of Emissions from FM and Television Broadcast Receivers in the Frequency Range of 9 kHz to 40 GHzSpurious radiation from sound and television broadcast receivers are possible sources of interference with other radio services. This st ... active Standard
356-2010 - IEEE Guide for Measurements of Electromagnetic Properties of Earth MediaMeasurements of the electrical properties of naturally occurring solids are covered in the scope of this project. Not covered are method ... active Standard
1309-2013 - IEEE Standard for Calibration of Electromagnetic Field Sensors and Probes (Excluding Antennas) from 9 kHz to 40 GHzConsensus calibration methods for electromagnetic (EM) field sensors and probes are provided. Data recording and reporting requirements ... active Standard
1720-2012 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Near-Field Antenna MeasurementsNear-field test practices for the measurement of antenna properties are described in this document and near-field measurement practices ... active Standard
C63.26-2015 - IEEE/ANSI Standard for Compliance Testing of Transmitters Used in Licensed Radio ServicesThis standard is intended to cover procedures for compliance testing of a wide variety of transmitters designed to operate in licensed r ... active Standard