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Aerospace Electronics Standards

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Aerospace Electronics Standards
806-1960 - AIEE Proposed Test Procedure for Aircraft Alternating Current GeneratorsIt is the purpose of this procedure to define uniform acceptable test methods for determining the performance and other characteristics ... withdrawn Standard
813-1988 - IEEE Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Two-Degree-of-Freedom Dynamically Tuned GyrosA format guide for the preparation of a two-degree-of-freedom dynamically tuned gyro (DTG) specification is given that provides a common ... active Standard
836-2009 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Precision Centrifuge Testing of Linear AccelerometersThis recommended practice describes the conduct and analysis of precision tests that are to be performed on linear accelerometers using ... active Standard
859-1987 - IEEE Standard Terms for Reporting and Analyzing Outage Occurrences and Outage States of Electrical Transmission FacilitiesReaffirmed 2008. This standard is intended to aid the electric power industry in reporting and analyzing outage occurrences of transmiss ... active Standard
952-1997 - IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Single-Axis Interferometric Fiber Optic GyrosSpecification and test requirements for a single-axis interferometric fiber optic gyro (IFOG) for use as a sensor in attitude control sy ... active Standard
1293-1998 - IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear, Single-Axis, Non-Gyroscopic AccelerometersThe specification and test requirements for a linear, single-axis, nongyroscopic accelerometer for use in internal navigation, guidance, ... active Standard
1293-1998/Cor 1-2008 - IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear,Single-Axis, Nongyroscopic Accelerometers Corrigendum 1: Changes to Annex K and Annex LCorrigendum to IEEE Std 1293-1998. Specification and test requirements for linear, single-axis, nongyroscopic accelerometers for use as ... active Standard
1554-2005 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Inertial Sensor Test Equipment, Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, and AnalysisTest equipment, data acquisition equipment, instrumentation, test facilities, and data analysis techniques used in inertial sensor testi ... active Standard
1559-2009 - IEEE Standard for Inertial Systems TerminologyTerms and definitions relating to aided and unaided inertial systems for navigation, guidance, orientation, stabilization, and related a ... active Standard
1651-2010 - IEEE Guide for Reducing Bird-Related OutagesMethods, techniques, and designs to mitigate bird-related power interruptions and equipment damage resulting from avian interactions wit ... active Standard
1672-2006 - IEEE Standard for Ultrawideband Radar DefinitionsThis standard recommends definitions for promoting clarity and consistency in the use of ultrawideband radar terminology. The definition ... active Standard
1672-2006/Cor 1-2008 - IEEE Standard for Ultrawideband Radar Definitions - Corrigendum 1On page 4 of IEEE Std 1672-2006, a correction to Definition 3:18 active Standard
11073-10472-2010 - Health informatics--Personal health device communication--Part 10472: Device specialization--Medication monitorWithin the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards for device communication, this standard establishes a normative definition ... active Standard
62530-2011 - SystemVerilog – Unified Hardware Design, Specification, and Verification LanguageThis standard represents a merger of two previous standards: IEEE Std 1364™-2005 Verilog hardware description language (HDL) and IEEE ... active Standard