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N323-1978 - American National Standard Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration

Description: This standard establishes calibration methods for portable radiation protection instruments used for detection and measurement of levels of ionizing radiation fields or levels of radioactive surface contamination. For purposes of this standard, portable radiation protection instruments are those which are carried by hand to a specific facility or location for use. Although this standard is specific to portable radiation protection instrumentation, the basic calibration principles may be applicable to radiation detection instrumentation in general. Included within the scope of this standard are conditions, equipment and techniques for calibration as well as the degree of precision and accuracy required. Alpha, beta, photon, and neutron radiations are considered. Passive integrating dosimetric devices such as film, thermoluminescent, and chemical dosimeters are outside the scope of this standard, but the basic principles and intent may apply. In cases where integrating capability is included along with rate measurement or detection, this standard shall apply.
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