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C62.45-1987 - IEEE Guide on Surge Testing for Equipment Connected to Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits

Description: This document provides guidance on surge testing AC power interfaces of equipment connected to low-voltage circuits that are subject to transient overvoltages. An important objective is to call attention to the safety aspects. Planning a surge test program is a complex task involving many considerations, from the nature of the equipment and purpose of the test to procedures and instrumentation. Major issues recognized include: (1) Outcome of the test and failure criteria: upset or damage? (2) Type of tests: design tests involve pushing stresses to the limits while production tests are more likely to be pass/fail types. Diagnostic tests involve reproduction of field failures in the laboratory. (3) Appropriate selection of a voltage wave or of a current wave, or both, depending on the nature of the test piece and on the expected pass/fail criteria. (4) Implementation of the test. The document is organized in sections dealing with the major points of these considerations. References are made to detailed notes in the appendix to provide a more comprehensive treatment.
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