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C57.12.23-1992 - IEEE Standard for Transformers--Underground-Type, Self-Cooled, Single-Phase Distribution Transformers with Separable, Insulated, High-Voltage Connectors; High Voltage (24 940 GrdY/14 400 V and Below) and Low-Voltage (240/120 V, 167 kVA and Smaller)

Description: In this standard electrical, dimensional, and mechanical characteristics and certain safety features of single-phase, 60 Hz, mineral-oil-immersed, self-cooled, distribution transformers with separable insulated high-voltage connectors are covered. These transformers are rated 167 kVA and smaller, with high voltages of 24940 Grd Y/14400 V and below for operation between one phase and grounded neutral and with low voltages of 240/120 V. Ratings, testing, and construction are discussed. These transformers are generally used for step-down purposes from an underground primary cable supply and are suitable for occasional submerged operation. The intent is to provide a basis for determining their performance, interchangeability, and safety, and for their selection.
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