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IEEE/ANSI C37.95-1973 - American National Standard Guide for Protective Relaying of Utility - Consumer Interconnections

Description: This guide has been prepared to aid in the effective and uniform application of fuses, relays, and their associated switching equipment located at the point of interconnection between the utility and the consumer electrical systems. Descriptions of the various devices, definitions of terms, and references to other technical technical publications have been included to make the guide useful not only to relay engineers, but also to other technical people who may not be intimately familiar with the art of relaying, but who nevertheless have a responsibility for the installation and operation of such interconnections. It includes examples for relaying of typical installations, both with and without consumer generation, and with service from utility radial or loop feeders, either directly from the utility substation bus or from a transmission line. It is expected that the guide will be used by consulting engineers, utility relay and sales engineers, and by consumer engineering and maintenance personnel.
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