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C37.40-1981 - American National Standard Service Conditions and Definitions for High-Voltage Fuses, Distribution Enclosed Single-Pole Air Switches, Fuse Disconnecting Switches, and Accessories

Description: The standard applies to high-voltage fuses (above 600 V), distribution enclosed single-pole air switches and fuse disconnecting switches. Accessories for AC distribution systems are also covered. These include: (1) enclosed, open, and open-link types of distribution cutouts and fuses, (2) distribution current limiting fuses, (3) distribution oil cutouts, (4) distribution enclosed single-pole air switches, (5) power fuses, including current-limiting types, (6) outdoor and indoor fuse disconnecting switches, (7) fuse supports, fuse mountings, fuse hooks, fuse tongs, and fuse links, all of the type used exclusively with products listed in (1) through (6), and (8) removable switch blades for products listed in (1) through (3).
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