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IEEEC37.13-1990 (Revision of IEEE C37.13-1981) - IEEE Standard for Low-Voltage AC Power Circuit Breakers Used in Enclosures

Description: This standard covers enclosed low-voltage AC power circuit breakers of the stationary or draw-out type of two- or three-pole construction, with one or more rated maximum voltages of 635 V (600 V for units incorporating fuses), 508 V, and 254 V for application on systems having nominal voltages of 600 V, 480 V, and 240 V; with unfused or fused circuit breakers; manually or power operated; and with or without electromechanical or solid-state trip devices. It deals with service conditions, ratings, functional components, temperature limitations and classifications of insulating materials, insulation (dielectric) withstand voltage requirements, test procedures, and application.
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