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IEEE/ANSI C37.1-1987 - IEEE Standard Definition, Specification, and Analysis of Systems Used for Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition, and Automatic Control

Description: This standard applies to, and provides the basis for the definition, specification, performance analyis, and application of systems used for suervisory control, data acquisition or automatic control, or both, in attended or unattended electric substations, including those associated with generating stations, and power utilization and conversion facilities. This standard does not apply to electomech- National Standard Electrical and Electronics anical or static, protective-relaying equipment. Diagrams (Including Supplements ANSI (See ANSI/IEEE C37.90-1978 (R1982)[ll], ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1974 (R1979) [12], Y14-15a-1970 and ANSI Y14.15b-1973. ANSI/IEEE C37.91-1985 E131, ANSI/IEEE [6] ANSI 224.21-1957 (R1971), American C37.93-1976 [141, ANSI/IEEE C37.95-1973, National Standard Method for Measurement(R1980)[151 , ANSI/IEEE C37.96-1976 Specifying the Characteristics of Pickups for (R1981)[161, and ANSI/IEEE C37.97-1979 (R1984)[17].
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