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959-1988 - IEEE Standard Specifications for an I/O Expansion Bus: SBX Bus

Description: The IEEE 959 I/O expansion bus concept allows low-cost, highly flexible I/O expansion for computer boards. The specification describes the elements of the bus system, the bus interface signals, and the bus operations. The electrical considerations required for the bus include the following: logical and electrical state relationships, environmental considerations, power supply specifications, signal line characteristics, timing specifications, and driver/receiver specifications. The specification describes the physical and mechanical specifications that a designer must be concerned with when designing a baseboard or an expansion module compatible with the IEEE 959 I/O expansion bus. It specifies the requirements of a miniature two-piece stacking connector to be used in both the 8and 16-bit versions of the IEEE 959 I/O expansion bus. Finally, it presents the concept and notation of levels of compliance.
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