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IEEE/AIEE 92-1962 - AIEE Recommended Practice for A-C System Voltage Nomenclature for Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

Description: Nomenclature for alternating-current system voltage should include designations for nominal system voltages and, associated with each nominal voltage: (1) an identification of the minimum and maximum acceptable limits for the system operating voltage under favorable and tolerable conditions, and (2) an identification by voltage rating of devices and equipment to be applied on each system. The AIEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Committee has documented preferred system voltage nomenclature for industrial plant and commercial building power systems in Tables 1(A), 1(B), and II. It is intended that this information be useful to plant engineers, power-system engineers, application engineers, consulting engineers, electrical contractors, and equipment manufacturers in understanding current system voltage nomenclature. In addition, a comparison is made to current electric utility power-system practice. This report represents the unanimous agreement of the Working Group with the approval of the Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Committee. Every attempt was made to incorporate preferred practice as well as to include existing practice in industrial and commercial use, recognizing also electrical utility use. It is the objective that the preferred practices in this report be followed, and that due consideration be given in any Standards revision.
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