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802.1Q-2012 - IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks--Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges and Virtual Bridges [Edition]

Description: This standard specifies how the MAC Service is supported by Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks, the principles of operation of those networks, and the operation of VLAN-aware Bridges, including management, protocols, and algorithms. It Incorporates: IEEE Std 802.1Q™-2011, IEEE Std 802.1Qbe™-2011, IEEE Std 802.1Qbc™-2011,IEEE Std 802.1Qbb™-2011, IEEE Std 802.1Qaz™-2011, IEEE Std 802.1Qbf™-2011,IEEE Std 802.1Qbg™-2012, IEEE Std 802.1aq™-2012, and IEEE Std 802.1Q™-2011/Cor 2-2012)
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