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IEEE 802.11F-2003 - IEEE Trial-Use Recommended Practice for Multi-Vendor Access Point Interoperability Via an Inter-Access Point Protocol Across Distribution Systems Supporting IEEE 802.11 Operation

Description: Recommended practices for implementation of an Inter-Access Point Protocol (IAPP) on a Distribution System (DS) supporting ISO/IEC 8802-11:1999 and IEEE 802.11™ wireless local access network (WLAN) links are described. The recommended DS utilizes an IAP that provides the necessary capabilities to achiee multi-vendor Access Point (AP) interoperability within the DS. This IAPP is described for a DS consisting of IEEE 802® LAN components utilizing an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet Protocol (IP) environment. Throughout this recommended practice, the terms ISO/IEC 8802-11:1999, IEEE 802.11, and IEEE Std 802.11-1999 are used interchangeably to refer to the same document, ISO/IEC 8802-11:1999, and its amendements and supplements published at the time this recommended practice was adopted.
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