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716-1989 - IEEE Standard C/ATLAS Test Language

Description: IEEE Std 716-1989 defines IEEE Common ATLAS (C/ATLAS), a high-order language for testing on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). C/ATLAS is a widely acceptable programming language. Its single and unique construct expresses each language facility selected, to support structured programming equipment. The C/ATLAS language is designed to describe tests for implementation on ATE in terms that are independent of any specific test systems. C/ATLAS defines an operational standard, which is based on the language defined by ANSI/IEEE Std 416-1984, Standard ATLAS Test Language. Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems (ATLAS) is a test-oriented language for expressing test specifications and test procedures. IEEE Std 716-1989 describes the language used for writing Units Under Test (UUT) programs, so that these programs can operate on various makes and models of ATE, IEEE Std 716-1989 includes the required portion that forms the common basis of all ATLAS subsets, and the optional elements, such as nouns, noun modifiers, and units.
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