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716-1985 - IEEE Standard C/ATLAS Test Language

Description: ANSI/IEEE Std 716-1985, Standard C/ATLAS, is an editorial revision and consolidation of C/ATLAS Test Language and C/ATLAS Syntax. C/ATLAS is a programming/programmable language which is a subset of IEEE Standard ATLAS Test Language with a specific and unique purpose. It has been developed to serve as the minimum ATLAS program requirements for use with specific equipment and systems. This single volume describes the language to be used for the writing of test programs for units under test (UUTs), so that these programs can operate on various makes and models of automatic test equipment (ATE). It includes the required portion which forms the core, or common basis, of all ATLAS subsets and the optional elements such as nouns, noun modifiers, and units. The single volume contains material explaining the formal syntax rules used, the actual formal syntax, and a thorough cross-referenced list, in alphabetical order, of syntax variables and symbols providing quick and easy reference to the different lexical symbols, rule names and literals which occur within the production rules.
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