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IEEE 680-1978 - IEEE Standard Techniques for Determination of Germanium Semiconductor Detector Gamma-Ray Efficiency Using a Standard Marinelli (Reentrant) Beaker Geometry

Description: This standard for determination of gamma-ray efficiencies of germanium semiconductor detectors was developed in recognition of the increasing number of large-volume, low-activity samples being measured by gamma-ray spectroscopy. The standardized sample geometry and measurement techniques described, when used in conjunction with the relative efficiency measurement standard ANSI/IEEE Std 325-1971 (Reaff 1977), Test Procedures for Germanium Gamma-Ray Detectors, provide a meaningful assessment of detector performance. It is recognized that many Marinelli beaker geometries are in use. However, the object of this standard is to specify a single configuration for the sole purpose of characterizing detector performance.
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