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592-1977 - IEEE Standard for Exposed Semiconducting Shields on Premolded High Voltage Cable Joints and Separable Insulated Connectors

Description: Cable accessories, specifically separable insulated connectors and cable joints, used with extruded dielectric cable rated above 5 kV, are required to have an outer semiconducting shield covering their insulation surfaces. The shield is intended to protect the insulation, to provide voltage stress relief, to maintain the accessory surface at or near ground potential under normal operating conditions, and to initiate fault current arcing if accessory insulation should fail. This standard sets forth tests and requirements to demonstrate that the shield will perform these duties. One of the requirements in this standard specifies a maximum shield resistance. This requirement is to assure that the accessory shield provides stress relief and that the shield surface is maintained at or near ground potential. Another requirement in this standard specifies a shield fault current initiation test. This test is designed to demonstrate the ability of the accessory shield to initiate fault current arcs to ground which will cause overcurrent protective devices to operate should the accessory insulation fail.
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