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502-1985 - IEEE Guide for Protection, Interlocking, and Control of Fossil-Fueled Unit-Connected Steam Stations

Description: This guide presents information regarding the essential subsystems that make up a fossil-fueled unit-connected boiler-turbine-generator station and describes typical interlocking, control, and protection for operating them in a coordinated order to ensure proper start-up and safe shutdown. The primary purpose of this guide is to provide a basis for qualitative evaluation of overall design of a unit-connected fossil fuel plant, and writing general operating guides of an educational nature, thereby serving to aid in acquainting personnel with boiler-turbine-generator systems. Every new fossil plant will have its own special operating sequence due to the type of equipment installed and its operating company's practices. However, this guide purports to include in one document a description of various cycles in a power plant, their sequence of operation, and protection procedures.
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