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488.2-1987 - IEEE Standard Codes, Formats, Protocols, and Common Commands For Use with ANSI/IEEE Std 488.1-1987 IEEE Standard Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation

Description: This standard specifies a set of codes and formats to be used by devices connected via the IEEE 488.1 bus. This standard also defines communication protocols necessary to effect application independent device-dependent message exchanges and further defines common commands and characteristics useful in instrument system applications. This standard is intended to directly apply to small to medium-scale instrument systems. It applies to systems comprised mainly of measurement, stimulus, and interconnect devices with an instrumentation controller. The standard may apply to certain devices outside the scope of the instrument system environment. As well as defining variety of device-dependent messages, this standard extends and further interprets certain interface functions contained in ANSI/IEEE Std 488.1-1987 while remaining compatible with that standard. This standard covers the following: IEEE 488.1 subsets; standard message handling protocols including error handling; unambiguous program and response message syntactic structures; common commands useful in a wide range of instrument system applications; standard status reporting structures; and system configuration and synchronization protocols.
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