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IEEE 351-1972 - IEEE Trial Use Standard Guide on Solid State Devices: Varactor Measurements Part II - Characterization of Large-Signal Devices

Description: The purpose of this guide is to promote the use of uniform and reliable measurement techniques for the characterization of varactors. Part I of this Guide (IEEE Std 318-1971) describes techniques which are primarily appropriate for varactors used in small-signal applications, such as parametric amplifiers. Part II discusses modifications, limitations, and extensions of the techniques described in Part I, as well as other measurements, which are more appropriate for certain large-signal varactors, such as harmonic generator diodes. The design of varactors is advancing at a pace which sometimes outstrips the progress in evaluation techniques. Both diode design and measurement methods are evolving at a rate which exceeds that at which characterization guides can be written. This guide is not intended to discourage innovation but will provide a basis for uniform evaluation of the large class of varactors to which it is applicable.
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