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293-1969 - IEEE Test Procedure for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Spring-Restrained Rate Gyros

Description: This test procedure is a compilation of recommended rate gyro test procedures derived from those currently in use, including test conditions to be considered. In some cases alternate methods for measuring a performance characteristic are included. In selecting among the alternates, attention should be paid to the intended application of the gyro, available test facilities, and the standard methods in use by the test facility. This document is intended to be a guide in the preparation of Section 4 of a specification that follows the format of IEEE Standards Publication No.292, Specification Format for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Spring-Restrained Rate Gyros. The intent is for the specification writer to extract the applicable test conditions and equipment from Section 3 of this document for inclusion in the paragraphs concerning test conditions and equipment corresponding to paragraph 4.5 of the Specification Format.
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