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24765-2017 - ISO/IEC/IEEE Approved Draft International Standard - Systems and Software Engineering - Vocabulary

Description: Consistent with ISO vocabulary standards, each technical committee is responsible for standard terminology in its area of specialization. This International Standard provides a common vocabulary applicable to all systems and software engineering work falling within the scope of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7, Systems and software engineering, and the IEEE Computer Society Systems and Software Engineering Standards Committee (IEEE-CS S2ESC). The scope of each concept defined has been chosen to provide a definition that is suitable for general application. In those circumstances where a restricted application is concerned, a more specific definition might be needed. Terms have been excluded if they were • considered to be parochial to one group or organization; • company proprietary or trademarked; • multi-word terms whose meaning could be inferred from the definitions of the component words; • terms whose meaning in the information technology (IT) field could be directly inferred from their common English dictionary meaning.
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